Moving Forward

My supervisor at work has a thing that I have heard him say many times throughout the years. After we’d hit a point within our daily work that brought on some kind of major problem that needed to be resolved, we would resolve the issue and he would say, “moving forward” somewhere within his dialogue.

My supervisor is a very focused and organized man. I appreciate his work ethic, and he is a strong leader. I was sitting at his desk once while doing some work on his computer. When I pushed the chair back to get up, I saw a small sticker right in the center of the edge of the desktop that read, “KEEP MOVING FORWARD”. In his position, he deals with a great number of things that require focus, quick decisions, rationality, as well as the stressors that the people and situations create. I can only guess, but “moving forward” is probably his daily reminder to not stay caught up for too long in the constant changes of the work day?

His sticker doesn’t say, “KEEP MOVING BACKWARD”. If he were to move backward, the issues at hand would never be resolved, the focus would be distorted and consumed by all of the problems that are presented, and resorting back to the issues with people and situations that caused stress would just create a big mess of chaos. Nothing would get done. Our leader would just be leading us backwards. What a dysfunctional work environment we would have if the leadership was not in a good state!

To begin a new chapter you have to end an old chapter. It is just great to see the guy be able to end old chapters quickly, and open the next one. He does it all day long. It reminds me of my own chapters, and how I was once not good at closing the old ones. How I would keep replaying the old chapters within the past. What I could have done differently and why I did what I did. Beating myself up and down over the chapters that no longer existed. It took a great deal of patience to get to a point to where I no longer live in the past, but just like my supervisor, there are times when the past comes back. An old chapter, and archived event, pops up and causes some kind of emotion, or takes hold of where I currently am, and pulls me back into the pages that have already been turned.

Moving forward, and being present is where the mind should be grounded. That’s how you reach goals. By taking steps, even small steps, forward, is the way to be successful. When I was trying to kick my smoking habit, I made progress slowly. I had many failed attempts,  but I was constantly moving forward. I had the desire to quit. That was the “forward” motive. I had to be patient and know that failure was going to happen. I quit finally.

Some people have a hard time when things get tough. They give up. When something becomes too difficult, they move backward, and end up right where they started. But, when you burn the bridges of the past, there is no way to get back to the way you once were. The further you move away from the burned bridge, the easier it gets to forget about it. For leaders, faith in themselves plays a big role. They have taken on many obstacles that has conditioned them to be strong, and have developed skills to keep pressing on to keep fighting, and winning. Some get a very large ego going on after pushing through so many obstacles, but many get to a point of humbleness within themselves that keeps them focused on being the right kind of leader for others. A great example is my supervisor.

I know a little about the guy I call my boss, and he knows that God leads. Many of the greatest leaders alive let the Lord lead. In the Bible, Elisha in 1 Kings took his yoke of oxen and slaughtered them, and burned his plowing equipment in order to cook the meat, and feed his people. It was the end of Elisha the farmer, and the beginning of Elisha the prophet. He destroyed the past and moved forward to the next chapter.

We have the power of God within us, through His Son, with His Holy Spirit, to guide us through all obstacles. We have to choose each day to not be shaken by fear or roadblocks, or temporary setbacks that will make us take the easy route. We have to fight, and that fight can be won through faith. Faith, in knowing that forward will eventually bring us to the next chapter, and that God is holding us up, and pushing in the direction ahead.





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