Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

As things in my life are being dismantled, the destructive things, the things that I no longer find beneficial, I often put those things down and leave them alone. For a long time, maybe a year or so, I had a terrible habit that I truly hated. I would deliberately not purchase this habit, or engage in it. Many times over though, I would give in to the desires and fall off of the wagon. Again, and again and again. Finally, after I had went for a period of time without the habit, I was able to walk away from it. Within this period of kicking the habit, I would replace the time that I had taken to engage, and replace it with something else. A positive. Many different things were now taking over the space I had once filled with the habit. The further and further I had moved away from this habit; the patterns, the mindset and actions involved in it, the more distant it became. Out of sight. Out of mind.

Just like a trip in the past to the mountains, there are many memories that I have of the beautiful scenery. Many good memories are scattered within my recollections of the area. The trees, high peaks and low valleys, and the waterfalls. I haven’t visited the places in a while, so the sights aren’t fresh in my mind. Just like the habit. I do not put it within sight, so it tends to stay out of my mind.

I’ve battled depression and anxiety for decades. There are, and have been a number of triggers that have caused and cause both to surface. Trust that I have worked diligently to get a grip on this debilitating condition. These “triggers”, or things that start the many facets of anxiety and depression; the overwhelming feelings of sadness, nervousness and panic, come and go. The key is to recognize these triggers when they come, and to quickly move away from them. There are methods that I have learned, to take control. Within these methods, in some cases, is the necessity to move away from the places and people that have caused the triggers.

I used to have a drinking problem. It took walking away from the people who chose to keep engaging in drinking heavily. It took dumping the alcohol down the drain, and not buying more. It took keeping the alcohol menus at restaurants behind something on the table. When those triggers were out of sight; the partying until morning, the many drinks, the lack of self-control, they were out of mind.

I spend a lot of time with things that bring me peace and joy. I keep them in sight and in mind. I read helpful information, I read His Word, and I meditate on the many great things that these things bring. I keep my family in sight. I keep my hobbies in sight. I keep the bad habits way off in the distance, as well as the triggers. I keep people who are good to be around. The sights in which I now choose, keep my mind at ease.


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