What’s it all for, this life? We are walking on a planet that is spinning through space. Some are worrying about things like what the next person is thinking about them. Some wondering when they will find true love with someone else. Some striving to make enough money, not knowing just how much enough is. Some working towards a goal, that will bring some sort of personal pleasure. Some living for others, and never considering living for themselves too. Some walking around dead inside, from circumstances they never choose to acknowledge and begin healing from. Humanity; so many scenarios. I think it’s safe to say that humans are a mess.

I sit on my back step in the morning, and watch the birds. The squirrels that walk the cables. The plants that grow so slowly. All perfect, in their own way. They never complain. They never worry. They just do their thing. The animals look for food, shelter and mates. They raise their offspring, and survive. The plants grow, and blow in the wind. Some bear fruit. Some don’t. Simplicity.

But we, are far from simple. We are far too advanced, and our brains are so much more complex. It creates problems. It makes life difficult, instead of simple, like the rest of the living things on our planet. I sometimes wonder, “why us?” I have my belief in a Creator, that created me in His image. Yet, I also know that something keeps me from being like Him. Sin, I believe. Something made all of this perfect living beauty all around. Yet, something destroyed man. People have issues. They destroy the world, others, and themselves. They complicate the beauty. They push themselves in the wrong directions, kill themselves with substances, look for gratification in other people and things. So many emotions and thoughts, that complicate this beautiful life.

Being a human is hard. You have choices to make. Some are harmful. Some are beneficial. Some bring peace. Some bring strife. Lately, I am choosing to simplify this complicated human life, by choosing things that bring peace and joy. Love is the main emotion I choose to walk in. Simplicity is what my goal is. I’ve grown very tired of the negative things I’ve mentioned here, and I’ve absolutely worn myself out trying to figure out “why”. I have destroyed myself, others, the world, and played with lots of things that destroy, and complicate my human life for too long. I strive for simplicity, and beauty. Some days it’s hard, or even impossible, but I’m​ a good fighter. A good observer of myself and others. Experiencing pain and difficulty conditioned me to become this way.

Simplicity. We all need more of it. Maybe if we learned how to embrace it, we could be at peace with the one that created it? I think Jesus knew how, so I follow Him. I have faith in Him, because the more I read His words, the more peaceful I become. He is, above all, the most useful source of maintaining what I want; peace. Peace, like the rest of the living things.

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