Deep Scars

There are a lot of scars all over our bodies. I sit and look at all of the little cuts and dings on my hands and arms at times. Some bring back memories, but what had caused most of them I cannot remember. Some are deep. Some are very faint.
Sometimes I look deeper, and see the scars inside. Many wounds have cut so deep that they’ve never really healed. Maybe you have a few of those? The one’s that are still bleeding, gushing blood and need stitching. The wounds that are so painful that you find ways to cover up the pain. You need to get fixed up by a pro, but you never visit one. Instead, you watch the blood soak into the bandages that you wrap around the deep wounds, and hope for the best.
After a while, the wounds get infected. They start to have an effect on other parts of your body. Maybe you get sick? Maybe you get weak? Maybe you would rather die, than feel the way you do from the horrible pain of the wounds?
I had, and still have a few of those wounds. There are things about my life that have thankfully been stitched because I realized the importance of needing care for them, but at times, those stitches loosen and the wounds ooze. They break open, and the pain starts up again. If I refuse to doctor them up, the bleeding gets out of hand. The healing process is then delayed. I went to the doctor for a reason, so why would I let the wounds get out of hand again?
I like the scars. They mean I have done things that have put them there. If I had just sat around and never moved my whole life, I sure wouldn’t have them. Unfortunately, some of the deep scars within are from self-inflicted wounds. At the time, many were simply because of ignorance. Also though, many were because of circumstances. Others were from guilt, or fear, or regrets. There are a number of scars from self-inflicted wounds, for a number of reasons.
I’ve learned something though. I needed those things. Those cuts. Those self-inflicted wounds in my journey up until this point. I needed to feel them, see them and embrace them because they have changed me into what I am today. What I am is a man who knows that I have a choice to make. I am not my circumstances, I am not my emotions, I am not defined by what happens to me, and I really do not have scars unless I choose to have them. This is what I mean. I am a child of God in Christ. This means that everything that happens in the physical world is not who I truly am. I am in this body that bleeds, and gets cut up, and has the memory of the past, and takes on many emotions. But at the end of the day, I give it all to God. You see, I didn’t do that for many years. I took on the world alone because it was all that I knew at the time. When you don’t have a guide, you just walk around aimlessly, lost and walking in circles. Bumping into things that leave scars, battling life on your own, and fighting with things that are much stronger than you, with more experience, leaving you beaten down and tattered. So you run, and hide, and cover up your wounds. You put on this front for the world, and show them that you are a warrior, but in the dark you cry out for strength, with no one answering.
This is my experience.
When the devil was removed from the presence of the Lord because of his pride, it was because the Lord will have first place. That’s it. No questions. No exceptions. Because of the devil’s pride, we now also battle that same pride in our walk through this life. In our pride, we push God out, and make room for ourselves. We fight, and lose. We receive wounds, and wait for them to heal. We think we can do it all alone, pushing our chests out claiming that we are awesome, and badass. But you know what, there is not one person who doesn’t bleed when cut deeply. There is not one man or woman who does not hurt at times. Also, there is not one person who is not worthy of receiving the free gift of Jesus Christ. The only true way to the only Physician that can heal those deep wounds completely.
When you start in simple faith, and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, something begins to grow inside of you. Take it from me. Ask millions. If you truly want to know how to heal, it takes a relationship with the Lord. It takes the release of the pride, and the beginning of His grace. It takes reading, understanding and growing in His Word. It takes prayer. It takes work. It takes His Holy Spirit to comfort you through the fallen world that will constantly work against you. That cuts you up. If you are tough like you claim, then why are you so cut up?
I cannot explain in words just how great life is with the Lord. You just have to want it, and He will provide it. The key is to know that he is in control, and you aren’t. Things will happen in His time, and not yours. So, stop receiving wounds that never heal because you never let God in to heal them. Put Him first, because He won’t have it any other way. He loves you so much, that He died for you (John 3:16). Accept Him, and heal. Or, battle the world alone and keep receiving deep wounds that are going to bring more pain. We all have that choice.

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