Tough Guy

Why do men find it necessary to display their macho attitude? Is it for the ladies, or their own ego?
I have always been a guy who likes guy things, but it occurred to me somewhere within the years of being an adult that my manhood is defined solely by the sex that I was born as. It sure isn’t defined by the big trucks or fast cars that I used to own, or how big I could get my muscles to be. It sure wasn’t defined by how many women I could score, or how often I could drink a buddy under the table. There were years in my life where I really thought that these things made me more of a man. I see so many men who are my age, as well as younger and older, who are always competing with the next guy. Look at my truck. Look at my muscles. Look at my girl. Look at my motorcycle. Look at ME!
Ego is like the worst thing to put upon a pedestal. Yet, so many have to do it. They have to make sure that everyone knows that their ego is huge. Some guys even hang big brass testicles on the back bumper of their trucks. Wow, they must be more of a man than me, for sure!
I really started to realize that the way that the Lord looks at things is not like the way man looks at things. First, pride, or ego, is the very thing that condemned the devil. You can read more about it here: Second, what does it profit a man to constantly be searching for things that could easily be taken away at some point, or lost, that would leave the man empty and void of the thing that made him manly? If he totaled his truck and couldn’t afford a new one, would his manliness be reduced? If his gorgeous girlfriend left, would he be able to replace her before his manhood was ruined? If he messed up his back and couldn’t body build anymore, would his unfit, broken body make him less of a man?
Things are cool have, and taking care of yourself is just fine, but making things and self the definition of who you are, is prideful. It makes men look like gods within their own eyes, and makes God look like, just another thing. When I see men put their ego before God, I simply wonder why they have such a deep desire to be recognized? What feeds their desire to be viewed by the world as a man, based on the things that they have and do? We can be great warriors, great leaders, and great men, while remaining humble. We are even better men when we allow the Lord to show us just how much He hates pride.

2 thoughts on “Tough Guy

  1. Welcome to Virtual Vitamins! You are discovering good things in your journey. May my words be a blessing to you in that process, and may your words likewise bless many.


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