Sometimes when I’m alone, I take a walk in nature. Taking a little time in my life to be fully aware of the physical world. Observing everything God has made. Studying each object, and admiring the beauty that it beholds. The leaves of the trees, the ground, the sky, the sun that lights and warms the world, the sounds of the life that crawls, my shadow that passes along beside me. The wonder of how it was all created by a perfect God goes through this very imperfect mind. I take the time to think about the obstacles that I face in the life that I live, and how it becomes a big mess at times. How it takes me far away from the simplicity of His infinite beauty. If I were to go beyond this beautiful, physical space, full of color and things that are just amazingly held together by some kind of amazing God glue, I would see more space filled with His creation. Infinite space. Stars. Galaxies. Gasses and elements that are constantly changing and colliding, blowing things about in unfathomable measures.
I am a mere speck, not even a speck, in an infinite universe. I use this little three pound brain to analyze things that are beyond comprehension. Never knowing exactly what is. I hold on to the faith that I have in God, through His Son, because I was shaken at one time in this walk through nature, and heard audibly within, “BE STILL, AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD”. Believe me, or don’t. So I walk along the path that He has prepared, and observe in awe this beautiful world, with a peaceful understanding of my wonderful Creator. Limited, but understood. I see His work. I see his perfection in this troubled mind of mine. I see the sacrifice that He made so I can walk in His majestic creation. Free. One with Him. One with His created spaces. This troubled mind of mine takes me away from His grace, His love and beauty, as I walk through the fires in my life. But GOD, He is perfect. He holds it all together. He extinguishes the harmful fire. His proof and promise is right there, when I walk in His created realm. When I am fully aware in the sunlit forest, with the oxygen that He gave to keep me alive, and the senses He gave me to experience His physical.
His Spirit is alive in me, as I step through. All of the trouble is relieved, and the weight is lifted. I go back to my busy life after these walks, and go another round. Filling the life with challenges. These challenges, that will eventually lead me back to another trek through nature. The place that reminds me to be still.

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