The Path Of Least Resistance

Why do so many resist change? I’ll talk about why I have. I hope you can gather some good from my words about my personal struggle with resistance today.
So, resistance? What do I mean? I mean staying in a place that causes harm, not only to myself, but others as well. I mean, staying planted in a place that is resistant to positive growth. Being so focused on self, that the box that I live in is all that matters. I won’t have to move outside of it in order to find new information that will lead to growth and happiness. I don’t have to take on the responsibility of letting my guard down and listening to suggestion or constructive criticism, because I already know what’s best. I will gladly hurt anyone when necessary, because it is easier than hurting myself through change. Happy, in misery. Content, in pain. Comfortable within the discomfort, because that uneasy felling is all that I have known, and exactly what I convince myself of deserving. I can just have an attitude of knowing everything, and continue to not get anything out of it. I will stay miserable, because I’m not worthy of anything achievable. I will look at the outside and admire what I could have, and observe the inside and dwell in its failure, because I already believe I will fail at a new attempt.
I write these things for two reasons. One, because that is truly what was going on within me up until a short time ago. Some areas mentioned are still strong. Others are no longer prevelant. The other reason is because I see a lot of myself in others. It hurts to see those who suffer with what I am calling, resistance. I hear about the reasons why their life sucks so bad, and reasons why changes cannot occur. I hear about the same patterns they have practiced, over and over, that leads them right back to where they started. One step forward, then two steps back. Sometimes I just want to shake others and show them the Word of God, but most are resistant to the Lord. They resist truth. The path of least resistance is much easier than learning how to change direction, and walk into the unknown.

My intentions are to share my experience in order to help others see hope. To see what the Lord can do.
Resistance ruined me. Still does at times. But I took a leap of faith in order to get to know Jesus. I took a leap of faith in order to change some things in my life that were harming others, and myself. I began. I had to start. Do you need to begin? The world is full of information. It’s right at your fingertips. What is the reason why you won’t take the leap? Is it because you lack confidence in yourself? Is it because of what others have done to you? Is it because you’ll have to work for it? Is it because you don’t have, or don’t rely on the Lord to strengthen you?
I really didn’t get strong enough to do anything until I felt His strength. I always relied on my own strength that led to defeat. Defeated, every time. So I keep Him center. That’s the way I win the battles of resistance. I read His Word. My instruction manual. Then I look for change. Praying to the Lord for guidance, and strength. How do you do it? Are you doing it? Is it working?
I pray that resistance can be resolved in your life. I hate to see others suffer over a hang-up, or an area that could be defeated with a little knowledge. That’s my intention when writing. To help others. Not for personal gain, but because I have been there and know how it feels. Maybe that pain that you are dealing with is rooted in something that you are resisting?

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