There are times when I stop and think about a particular thing that was said to me by someone, or a certain place that I had been. I think about how the words of others or the place that I was visiting had made an impact in my life. For example, my grandfather had forgiven me for a great deal of strife I had caused him, and I can vividly remember the words he’d used, the place we were and even feelings I had experienced during his gracious pardon of my actions. That was nearly twenty years ago. There are many words and experiences that are instilled in my mind that have been carried with me for many years. Lessons, things learned and words from others that have shaped and defined me.
It is a wonderous thing to stop and think about how random people, places and experiences have played such a role in my life. How this experience, and that person, and this place, is part of who I am. How the thoughts that I project to others are analyzed, and how my actions and words affect their lives. How the simple ‘thank you’ said to the guy who repaired my roof, in turn led him to thank the woman who brought him his plate-lunch later that day. How the appreciation that the woman had felt from his gratitude led her to be a little nicer to the grouch in the corner of the diner. How the grouch, recognizing her kindness, as well as his rudeness, was led to think to himself, “Maybe I should be a little nicer too?” How the man left the diner, sat in the park and admired the beauty of the sun peeking from behind the trees, was led to reflect back on an easier time, before he became bitter. How from that day on, he gave his bitterness a backseat, and used his past experiences of reasons to be bitter by helping many troubled teenagers become wiser people, through mentoring. Teaching them how their bitterness will cause problems for themselves and others, when held onto.
Intertwined. It is amazing how we are all part of a larger picture, like pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle. We are all playing a part. We are all connected to make a larger, finished product. How what I do, will in some way manipulate what you do, and what you do with it will rub off on the next person.
I believe in the Lord. God of the Bible. I believe that within our free-will, and within our reason and understanding, are many places that are never understood. This, “intertwining,” being one of them. The perfect Creator of the universe has these people, experiences, places, thoughts, actions, and everything that we understand and do not have a clue about, laid out from beginning to end. All of space and time, all of history. All decisions made. All choices. All of these things are forming the preformed, and scribbled together beyond our comprehension. All of these things, within His chosen beginning, and His chosen end.
It often leaves me in awe, pondering the mystery of His wonderful work. I just stand on faith, and give Him praise. I do my best to be a good steward, and accept the part in the links of his masterpiece. In my sin, I am still linking something. In my power through His Holy Spirit, I also play that link. I pray for His strength, and that the pathway that I cut leads others to the positives in His grand scheme. The sinful beast that I am without Him leads myself and others into a chaotic maze, riddled with destruction. I know plenty about that beast. I have lived with him my whole life. I also know the consequences of entertaining that beast, and the results of his choices. I’d much rather leave the next person with influence that was extracted from His goodness, instead of guiding them in a harmful direction.
How are you intertwined?

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