On A Peaceful Shore

After many years of hard work, my wife and I are rewarding ourselves with a peaceful vacation to the beach next week! It will be the first time that we have been able to visit since we tied the knot. This week, we will also be celebrating our five year anniversary! We have been very blessed throughout our time together. We have put in many hours at our jobs, and continuously make good decisions when it comes to our finances. We feel that this trip will be a good reward for our diligence. We anticipate being in a peaceful and tranquil setting on our upcoming visit, and we certainly hope and pray it will be!
We tend to run to places that are peaceful. We live in a high-tech world that is full of stressful situations, deadlines, demands, and end up having very little time to spend with the people we love. My wife and I have three children, so there is always something going on. Work, athletic practices, music events, homework and preparing meals. We also try to throw in some personal time, as well spending time together as a family. All of these things are crunched into a short twenty-four hour period, along with the sleep that we try to find time for. It is kind of stressful just thinking about it! We do our best to keep our stress to a minimum, by keeping love at center. The center of our family, and within. Although we are always moving, we strive to keep peace within our home, and within ourselves.
I can’t speak for my wife because we have our own personal views of the Lord, and our personal relationship with Him differs to certain degrees, but I do know that we both keep Him at center. We rely on, and trust in His love for us. There are many obstacles that we face within our family, and the mountains are sometimes huge, but the Bible has a lot to say about finding an inner-peace that will knock down any obstruction. For example, in Psalms 32:7 (NKJV) it says, “You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble; You shall surround me with songs of deliverance.” This, “hiding place” for me personally, is the internal peace found within the relationship with Jesus Christ. The gift of His Son, the mediator between man and The Father. He is the deliverance. Through the obstacles in this physical world, He surrounds me with His preservation. When the stress comes, I pray. When the mountains are high, I pray. When I need encouragement, I read verses and meditate. When I am weak, He is my strength. He is center. He is what gets me through. Those mountains that appear over time and within the daily grind, seem to become mole hills when my trust is in Him. The peace, is the knowing that this life is just a small piece of the eternal place in which I came from, and will return to. I know that the current world and the heart of man is tormented by ugliness, and we have sin to thank for that, but I also know that the beauty of His love can be found throughout the world, and within ourselves. He gave us the glorious gift of Christ because of His love for us, and He wants us to utilize His ways in order to remain in that love!
Yes, it is great, running away from the hustle and bustle of this hectic life of demands and deadlines. Putting in work for pay is the way that most have to support the lifestyle of their choosing. I think everyone is entitled to a break from it now and then! It is also a great experience, to lay near the ocean while the breeze blows and the sun shines down. Walking with the one you love at sunset on the edge of the water. Basking in the tranquil beauty of God’s creation. It is an even more wonderful experience when you don’t have to run to a place, or even a person, to find peace. When the peace of God resides in your heart, and that unexplainable love that He provides is present within, everyday becomes a vacation. When your peace is only found in people, places and things; those things that could be easily be lost, the heart will fall apart when they leave. But when the peace of God resides within, the things that are lost become reasons to lean further into the One who guards the heart.

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