Can anyone put a time limit on grieving? It is a heartbreaking experience to hear another tell you to, “get over it,” or “suck it up.” We can’t say to someone how long it must take for them to get passed something that is painful. Cutting. Something that totally messed someone up. The death of a loved one. Abuse. The mind games that people play.
“Move on?” Easily said, by the person who is outside looking in. Walking away from the people who are hurting you; the ones who say that you are dwelling for too long on what grieves you, is much better than adding to your grief by keeping them around. Kicking someone when they are down, isn’t love. Putting up with it is only adding to your pain.
When you grieve, don’t let ANYONE manipulate you into thinking that it is taking you longer than it should.

3 thoughts on “Pity

  1. I found my mom dead in her apartment in 2010. It seemed like people wanted me to not only get over her death but over the trauma of finding her like that. I wish people were sympathetic and understood but they don’t. I’ve come to understand that people just won’t understand until they go through something tragic themselves. You are right. It’s important to surround yourselves with people who do care.

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  2. I’m sorry to hear about your mother. Yes, I agree. Sometimes outside looking in is a very cloudy view. We all have our ways of dealing with the tragedies of life. There will always be those who think that they know what is best for us as individuals. I choose to kindly pass them by, and pray for their well being.


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