Rise Up

Here’s something to think about, and I know, because I have lived it.
There comes a point in your life where you get tired of being depressed. You get tired of the same nasty feeling that leaves you drained. You get tired of killing yourself with drugs, harmful habits, toxic people, thoughts, the bad attitude about yourself and life in general. You get tired of not finding peace, or the answers to your problems. You get tired of being bitter. You get tired of wanting everything right now, and not getting it. You get tired of crying, while no one listens. You get tired of no one being there to hold you while you are down. You get tired of waking up everyday in the same hell that you went to bed in. You get sick of life, and just want it all to end.
Let me tell you, maybe that is exactly what you need.
My personal strength to overcome over two decades of pain, came from weakness. Going through the really rough times, is exactly what I needed in order to seek guidance, learn cognitive skills, quit the addictions, seek God in His truth, educate myself, observe my mind and body, love myself and others, quit making excuses, be all that I can be, and know that everything is going to be okay. Through prayer, support, the right tools, and determination, a day at a time, my life changed. It is not finished, and sometimes the days are hard, but I wake up each day and see my progress. I try not to revisit those old demons that held me down, and I fail sometimes. But, I keep going. I keep pressing on. I keep starting again, and remember where I have been. I keep myself grounded, and find the power IN ME, THROUGH CHRIST, to win. I keep moving forward, everyday, several times a day. I pray that God provides the strength we all need to overcome and adapt, and become full of the joy and love that we all deserve. It has to be your job. No one is going to hand it to you. It will be painful, but not nearly as painful as the results of what we use to mask our misery. Be patient, and do not fear the change. Step outside of the box that you are used to. It holds you down. It’s comfortable, I know, but I promise, when you experience the positive changes by leaving your comfort zone, you will start to appreciate what held you down. You will ask yourself why you didn’t start the journey sooner. Don’t end this life, just end the negatives. Start a new life. You are worthy!

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