We have these weeds, hundreds of weeds, all over our yard. In the flower beds, in our driveways, in the garden. Every couple of weeks, I have to go out to pick and spray these things! They go away, and then more take root! Keeping up with these little pesky plants is not my favorite thing to do. I could let them go, but I enjoy keeping our property tidy. I have always enjoyed working outside and maintaining what my wife and I work hard for. We usually have a vast variety of the types of weeds that grow. Some of them grow quickly, while others grow at snail-pace. The roots on a few of them run so deep, that it takes a shovel to dig them out. Others are quickly pulled out with little effort.
I sometimes visualize these little weeds as the many things that have been picked out of my life, and discarded. How I, have many times, ‘weeded-out’ my life. So many harmful things that have been observed, picked and thrown into the trash. When I throw something in the garbage, chances are I will never see it again. It is taken away to a nearby landfill, and buried under mounds of dirt. Gone. But, unlike those weeds that are hauled off, many of the weeds in our lives will come back. They will show up again, take root and start growing. If we don’t maintain them, they could quickly grow into a huge problem. We may very well have our shovels out, with a gallon of weed killer, trying to get rid of the same thing that was already discarded.
I could name the many things that I could call my, “weeds,” but the problems that take root vary in our personal lives. What we do with the things that take root is really, in many cases, a personal choice. We choose to let the weeds take root, and grow, and we choose to maintain them. We choose to let the weeds come back, or we quickly do whatever it takes to keep them buried under the soil at the landfill. The methods in which we keep the weeds out, also varies. If you use generic weed killer, it is not very effective. The weeds don’t die. They may be damaged, but they keep growing. If we use generic methods of keeping our personal weeds at bay, they never really go away. They keep coming back, and they keep us frustrated.
I have another post on my blog titled, “Rise Up.” If you read it, you will see some of my weeds, and how I have chosen to destroy them. There are many different situations that we all have had, that have kept us rooted in a world of hurt, pain and struggle. Some of us have hit the bottom. Rock bottom. Some people are still there. I had a friend who said to me at my point of rock bottom, that the only way left to go was, “up”. The climb starts with the choice to move. To find a way. My way was a personal relationship with Jesus. The Bible says in John 14:6 that He is, “THE WAY.” I was once very skeptical of such a statement, but have since found that He is exactly that. Taking root in Him has kept most of my weeds in the landfill.
When you face any problem that takes root, I encourage you to also take root in Him. There were years of dark days, and decades of overgrown weeds that polluted my life. The life that He can provide is the way to keep your life of weeds, maintained. New weeds are going to pop up, and some of the weeds may come back, but may we all remember that we can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13).

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