The Sky Is Falling!

You probably are familiar with the story of Chicken Little? There are a few different versions, with a few different endings. The little chicken has an experience with an acorn falling on her head, and the panic leads her to believe that the sky is falling. That the world is ending! The story continues with the little chick frantically running around telling others about the doom and gloom of the incident that led her to believe that everything, as she knew it, was OVER! That little bump on the head turned into the worst possible nightmare imaginable.
How often do we do this as well? We experience a little bit of trouble in our lives, and quickly produce a scenario that is worse than it has to be. Much worse that it probably will be, but yet our minds jump into quick conclusions about the outcome of a setback. If the power goes out in our home during a storm, a dozen thoughts go through our heads. We wonder how long it will be disconnected, whether or not the food will go bad in the fridge, or, will we have to start up the generator, or, what if the power is off for days? The ‘what-ifs’ become such a problem for some, that it literally drains them of energy. It causes panic and anxiety. It keeps them up at night, and makes focusing on anything else an event that will never happen. They are caught within the trap of their own delusion.
No, these people are not crazy. They do not have a major mental disorder, and do not need to be in a mental institution. I myself, was a constant worrier in years passed. I spent a lot of time running through the thoughts of the unknown, and absolutely drove myself crazy. And for what? Did any amount of worry change the outcome of what was going to happen anyway? If I did all that I could to change a situation, then why did I sit and worry about what was going to happen?
Fear. That is why. So many live with anxiety, worry and fear. These things lead to, and often times, are, rooted in depression. These vicious mind games that we lay on ourselves are consuming, and often become an all-out war within. We sit and dwell, make mountains out of less than trivial problems, and fall into an inescapable habit of doing it time and time again.
There is no amount of worry that will change the inevitable outcome. It is what it is, and it’s going to happen. All that we can do is prepare, and wait. That’s the real deal, but the trouble is that some do not find ways of calming the mind from these unhealthy patterns. Maybe some need to seek help? Maybe some need to learn new methods? Maybe some have some sort of chemical imbalance within their brain?
You can learn to put the life of constant worry behind you, when you choose to find the right tools. Another thing I will add, that has helped me tremendously, is focusing on a relationship with God. God has plenty to say about casting your worries upon Him. I cannot tell anyone what they need to do, but I can suggest in a blog post what has worked for me. I hate to see anyone suffer from a little acorn falling on them, that is turned into the “entire world” in the mind.

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