A Sealed Bottle of Rhetorical Questions

What do we have bottled up, that is keeping us within the vice of uncertainty? Are the things that hindered security within our childhoods, keeping us in a bondage of some sort, as adults?

Do we run from our fears today, because we have never taken the time to release those fears of yesterday? Do we hold fear close to us, because the thought of releasing it has never been an option? Do we choose not to choose renewal, because of the fear of what could go wrong? Are we certain that facing our fears will not take us to a positive place, because there has never been positives within our fears? Do we fear that the lack of security in the past is still somehow present? As if, yesterday is today? Are we in agony today, because the battle wounds of a past war have never been properly cared for? A band-aid, over an infected wound?

How can we heal from a puncture wound, if the very thing that punctured us has never been removed? How can we be renewed, if the past is not properly dealt with? We cannot move ahead by living in the lack of security that we had experienced yesterday. We are secured by Christ, so must the world and its yesterdays, keep us insecure? Are the fears outweighing the faith? Is the security that we possess built upon His promises, or upon the uncertainty that we once encountered?

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