Sending Thoughts Throughout The Whole World

Wow! Pretty cool! The blog posts that we write are reaching people across the globe! You can view the stats of your blog and see the countries that are home to the people who are reading what we write. To me, that is just amazing. I sit and drink my coffee in the morning, and enjoy writing what is on my mind. I can place it on my blog, and someone in India or Russia is reading it. Wow!
I often wonder what the other person gathers from the words that I write? I use simple words to express my thoughts, and try to convey a message within the writings. I don’t know who reads these things, but I do know that simplicity is the best method when it comes to expression. I truly want the viewer to be able to understand.
I enjoy reading the posts that are published, and really soak up what others have to say. We are all having different experiences, have unique views and process this world in many different ways. Learning. Seeking. Growing. It is pretty cool, not knowing what the eyes of others have seen and experienced, while reading their words. To take a few words, and see a limited part of an individual, and then running those words through the filter of our own experiences. We see our own lives a bit differently after reading what someone else has said. We carry these blended thoughts out into the world, and pass them along. That is amazing to me. We are spreading our thoughts all over the world. I know that we have always done this, and it is nothing new. It is just a good thought this morning to see that we all have something to say, and we can share it with the world. We have the ability to use our electric devices to shoot a message across the globe, straight into the mind of someone sitting in a village in Pakistan. Thank you for your words. The personal messages that you share are little blessings to me.

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