Why do churches promote fear?

I have been passing a lot of churches that have very rude messages on the kiosks. “Go to church, or the Devil will get you!” Another read, “God doesn’t have room for excuses!”

These ‘messages’ of fear are getting ridiculous. Before I had accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I had a few run-ins with ministers who would also use the subtle phrases of fear. I often wondered why they would do this? I mean, before I knew about the truth of Christ, I only knew God to be ‘loving’. I did not really grasp the penalty that was taken at Calvary as the payment for all of our sins, nor did I fully understand the nature of the flesh apart from His saving grace. Sure, we should learn about both of these things as we grow in His love. We should definitely understand what we truly are without Him, and how the natural man is, in no way, ready to stand before our perfect and just creator without a good understanding of being cleansed by the blood of Jesus.

But really, is the message of fear going to bring people to church? Is that fear the permeates within that building, led by a man who spreads these messages, really going to fix a hardened heart? Is the building and the pastor going to keep you out of hell? Is giving the building and pastor a bunch of money going to please God? Will any of these things that are posted on kiosks change anyone’s mind about entering a building?

I just find it a manipulating technique that is propagated by men.  If the first thing a new person in Christ experiences is fear, despair, and a finger that points out the shame in which one should feel about not entering a building, then why would they want anything to do with Christianity? I believe the bigger problems, far outweighing the kiosk message, are the denominations, the legalism, and the institutionalized, organized religion that has been introduced by men. The very things that Jesus came to bury! The wrong ways of the Pharisees. The modern-day Pharisee has taken a front seat, and has left Jesus in the back pew!

If the love of God through The Son, and the FINISHED WORK that He has done was preached, then I bet more people would want to hear about Jesus. I bet more people would want to learn about that love by knowing about the blood of Christ, and would want to grow in His Word in order to keep bearing the good fruits of His Spirit. I think that most of the buildings are pushing people away from the truths of God, and promoting a prideful position of ‘self.’

2 thoughts on “…OR ELSE!!

  1. Ugh don’t get me started on the fear mongering. In my last church, they gave a sermon on hell. They suggested the good you do while on earth will earn you some sort of pennant or jewel. Then they went into how hell had levels. Really bad people were in the awful part of hell. People who weren’t as bad were in the less awful part. Having lost my brother to suicide, I later told the pastor how it made me sad. I didn’t know if my brother was in hell. His response, “well you can find comfort in the fact that he’s not in the part of hell that hitler would be in” then he excused himself to get coffee and a donut and I cried all the way home.


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