A Walk Through Our Own Growth

As the sun rises, there is time of advantage in the early and new rising day. Lush growth of greens are in season where we dwell. The floor of the nearby woods is riddled with layers of the fallen life. The soils beneath; scattered reminiscence of time before.

I slowly walk the paths of men and beast through the lighted shadows of His creation. The fragrances of the pine and deciduous trees. The odor of the decayed. The sounds of silence, captured by the rustle of the moving. Breaking the delicate growth under my feet, delaying its survival.

There is always a light beyond my walk. Ambient. Sometimes direct, accompanied by rays of splendor. I have always admired the beauty of the earth, lighted by His magnificent gas enigma. A source so distant, yet so full of force. All of this abundant life, blooming in its presence. As the day approaches, the warmth hits the life. The growth embraces its fuel.

Beyond this canopy of light and thriving life, I see His hand. Not like the hand that blocks the bright light from my waking eye, but the hand of the divine Creator. This masterpiece, is not happenstance. Our Lord has placed it within His universe, one piece at a time, as He sees fit. I admire a leaf, or emotion, as He admires my thankfulness. That appreciation must be a direction that has been placed within my heart and mind, under His provision. It is. There was once a path that I walked along; void of light. Empty of observation. Filled with blocking agents of my own creation. My own choosing. The ambience of Him, blinded by the light of my pride.

abandoned forest industry nature
Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

I have grown into a new creation. The light that provides my growth towards being a “being of Spirit,” is mysterious. Mysterious, as the early morning journey through the partially lit trails. What lies ahead? What will I sense?  How will I grow? The life falls to the floor. Life leaves. The decaying fall returns to dust.  Life germinates in the remnants, taking root. Life returns. The light keeps it in motion. His light moves the growth within, as I embrace the contentment. The light that moves is available to the heart of the humble. The fuel that His light provides is the source of a peaceful walk.

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