Because We Can!

There is definitely a reason why kids are running our streets at night.

My young teen years were absolutely great. I was always running from here to there. I had a motorized scooter that I would ride all over town. I had a great amount of freedom. Way too much. I also had every opportunity to visit many harmful environments. If I needed drugs and had the money, I could go get them. If I needed to steal something, I would be long gone before anyone noticed something was missing. If someone needed a ride, I would just scoot up on my seat, and we would be on our way. I could go anywhere on a dollar’s worth of gas.

At night, I remember going out and getting so messed up on illegal substances, and then riding back home. Sneaking in through the window. The same window that I had left through earlier in the evening. I would go to bed early, lock the door and crawl through the window. Get on my scooter and go all night. Out in the unstructured world, full of sin and excitement. It was a great experience, at the time. I had no awareness of the unhealthy structure within myself, and didn’t see the unhealthy structure within my own home. My parents had their own unhealthy structures at the time, so the entire homelife was very unsteady.

I had a recent conversation with a trusted acquaintance who just happens to be a licensed therapist. We were discussing these structures, and touched on how the choices of the parents greatly determines the development of our youth as they are maturing through adolescence.

There were many broken and detrimental pieces within my home that greatly hindered my development, and a secured structure was limited by the choices my parents had made. As I had said, there is a reason why kids are standing on the corners at night. Chances are, they are not finding a structure at home that holds them within healthy boundaries; the boundaries that include schedules, routines and discipline. They are probably not experiencing healthy parental authority, and a number of other imperative characteristics. Therefore, they are out on the street and learning about the unhealthy structures, taught by others who also have an unhealthy structuring. What a loss, to see a young kid robbed of a fruitful life due to the poor conditions within a home.

The unhealthy structures thankfully taught myself and my parents a lot. We learned from our mistakes. But unlike us, many kids and adults never learn about healthy structuring, and spend their whole lives trying to make it within their damaged internal and external spaces. They run the streets, entering a number of unhealthy structures, and finding dangerous results within them.

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