Questions From A Searching Saved Soul

Why is it that I cannot find a church that speaks His truth? Only some truths, with a man-made spin?

Why is it that the Shepherds are paid?

Why is it that Jesus never stood in front of a podium, told people to give ten percent, never had His members… wait, “members?” Where did He say to become a member of a group? Did we not inherit His membership as His Holy Spirit entered us?

When did he teach about being a member of a denomination? “Denomination?” When did He teach that? Where is that in His Word?

Did He teach people to sign a binding contract? Was my contract not signed, sealed and delivered solely by the blood of Christ?

When did He give men authority over the authority of Holy Spirit?

Where in His Word does it say that we must go to a building?
What building did He “attend?”

What church was He a member of?
Are the people not His Church?

Where is the Lord? Strictly in a building?
Are we not the temple? Does His Holy Spirit not dwell in us?

Did He not say, “GO, and make disciples of all nations!” How can we do this by huddling together, staying?

Does He not work through His body, in many ways?

Are there not parts of His body, outside of stone walls?

Are we not also a fellowship, when only two or three gather in His name?

Are we being abused by men who call themselves, “of God?”

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