The Spotlight Is Incredibly Blinding

What we accomplish has great reward. We set out to do a good deed, or go to a school in order to receive a degree. We work our way up the ladder within the corporate world. As we progress in whatever success we have dedicated ourselves to, we reflect on the work that we have put in. We experience feelings of euphoria, or happiness. We are proud of ourselves. When we have fully accomplished a goal, we celebrate in our own personal way. Success! We have completed our mission!

Goals and executed plans of action to reach a goal are absolutely necessary. If we did not achieve a goal, how would we ever progress? We have had goals since the day we were born. We once crawled, and the goal was to learn how to walk. As we have matured, our goals have become more complex.

There is something within our individual complexity that varies in degree. The pride that we carry as we progress. I have noticed a great amount of pride within those who are constantly growing in some way. For instance, I know of a very successful pastor who is bringing in more and more spectators as his church grows, and have noticed the changes that have taken place within him. His appearance and overall demeanor has changed. He is becoming proud. The number of people who are viewing his presence on the stage is transforming him into an arrogant man. The success is going to his head, and the message that is intended to be focused on our Lord is slowly turning into a message of his accomplishments.

I have seen this happen to so many, in so many ways. It is difficult for myself to be a guy who has diligently worked towards becoming a stronger man, and not be proud of myself. I am constantly praying and seeking the Lord’s guidance in order to have the right mindset when it comes to remaining humble, and always taking a step back to remember that He has placed me within this personal position of success. I often look at His Word and seek its truths, which often contradict my natural thoughts. I observe His mind. The whole Gospel for me is exactly this; placing others before ourselves. Having a lowly view of self. Placing God before ourselves, and fully understanding that we are so undeserving of our own spotlight. Was it not pride that caused Satan to be cast out of His presence? We should have a lowly sense of ourselves as we achieve, and remember that it is humbleness that leads us in a direction of true success. We should call upon Him within our positions of individual success.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being successful. The facet that counteracts our success is the pride that shines though us as we are standing in the spotlight.

Proverbs 29:23 ESV  
One’s pride will bring him low, but he who is lowly in spirit will obtain honor.





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