An Unexpected Friend

Over the years, there have been many dreams that have left their mysterious messages embedded within my memories. I had a dream about my friend who’d passed away twelve years ago this coming September. In the dream, Metallica was coming to our city. Metallica is a heavy metal band, and back when my friend and I were at our closest, we both liked their music. In the dream, he was in charge of playing two songs on the radio to promote the upcoming concert. I cannot remember the details now that I have been awake for a bit, but I recall how wonderful it was to talk with him again. It was like he was right there, being himself. Very alive, and full of life.

On several occasions, deceased loved ones have visited me in dreams. After waking from some, I remember tearing up and being overwhelmed with emotion. There have been several that I can still remember from years passed that still have me staring off at times, thinking about the experiences we once shared in this physical world.

The process of forming a memory involves encoding, storing, retaining and recalling information and past experiences within our brain. It is a gift from our Creator that I deeply appreciate. Without my memories, I wouldn’t be able to experience life as it was, and I wouldn’t feel what is attached. I am thankful for those times that are now planted within. These mysterious dreams that I am also blessed with come from an unknown place within, leaving emotions tethered to my present journey, and the ones to come. This mind is a beautifully assembled tool, and the instruction manual has many missing pages. Can you imagine how captivating it would be if we could recall everything that it contains? Everything our senses have allowed in? I will take the dreams, and recall what is possible.

I miss those who have moved on. I believe that many of them are now in the presence of our Creator, in a spiritual world of unfathomable perfection, and beauty. Until I reach that place, I will greatly appreciate the beauty experienced though my dreams, and my memories.

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