Processing His Progression

We used to have an Atari game system in my home as I was growing up. The graphics were very poor in quality when compared to those of games today, but they were fun. We had big blocky computers at our school, with green and black monitor display. My mother had a typewriter that I remember playing with. I think it weighed about three hundred pounds! When we were at my grandparent’s house, they had a very old rotary phone that I used to play with. The phonebook was in a drawer of the desk that the phone was sitting on. I used to call a number that told us the time and temperature, as well as a number that played a short recorded prayer when dialed.

As time passed, the Ataris turned into Nintendos. The computers became more compact. The phones became touch tone, and wireless. Typewriters were replaced with word processors, and the time and temperature line was becoming just a memorized number from the past. Our technology has progressed tremendously within the last forty years. The introduction of the internet took the world by storm, and now we can reach anyone, anytime, anywhere. We can communicate in ways that were once only imagined, or played out in the fantasy world of a science-fiction movie. Today, we sit in front of our flat handheld devices and view the world through its glass screen. Its lighted display enables us to view billions of images, texts and conversations, learn anything we could possibly ask, and instantly reach people on the other side of the world. It is really pretty cool when you stop and think about it, especially if you have grown up through the generations of its progression.

There is a part of the Bible that this progressive communication ability reminds me of. It is found in Matthew 24, verse 14.

And the Good News about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it; and then the end will come. (NLT)

I am not one of those end-times, paranoid doomsday preppers, nor am I saying that the end of the world is near. Only the Father in heaven knows that day. I am saying that our world is written out within the pages of His Word. This progressive advancement of technology is enabling all of us to reach ‘the whole world.’ I sometimes also think about more of the words of Jesus, found in Mark 16, verse 15.

And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” (NLT)

I write about my faith in Christ very often. I have been blessed with several ways to place my writings within sites that deliver to a vast quantity of people. I have the ability to show others the GOOD NEWS and the FREE GIFT OF CHRIST, from right in my ever-changing personal space. I cannot physically “go” into all of the world, but my words can. It is just a matter of typing, and hitting “send.”

I was speaking with a man just the other day who reminded me that one never knows who is watching. He was explaining to me how our words, actions, character, choices and responses are noticed by others, and our message is conveyed. We are recognized. Heard. Studied by others. These things that are placed throughout the world by us are picked up, carried and scattered in a number of ways. We are advancing every year in methods of sharing these messages. We currently have more access to share the love of God than ever before. We have instant opportunities to help others grow, and to grow in our own faith, through our devices. We can watch, and be watched. We can instantly spread His glory.

We communicate in order to grow, and now we are able to do it instantly, at the push of a button or touchscreen. We are able to proclaim Jesus to random scrollers and followers on WordPress. The words are read, and the individual responds in their own selective way. It is through these devices of today that the whole world is slowly becoming more and more aware of Him. The evolution of our technology is advancing faster each year, and we will soon be connecting with people within even the most remote parts of the world.

It is awesome to see that my posts about the Lord are being read throughout the whole world, and it is equally nice to read the words of others who live throughout our beautiful planet. I thoroughly enjoy reading and writing these shared stories of faith, wisdom, encouragement, inspiration and humanistic view.

What Jesus knew, is happening now. We can keep going into the whole world, spreading His news and promoting His ways. We can continue to utilize this quickly advancing technology, in order to slowly advance His Kingdom.

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