The Signs That We Keep Passing By

Another day of His choosing. He has blessed me with another day, and for that I am thankful. I am also thankful for the things that He has been showing me this past week.

I watched a few good movies over the weekend, and they really spoke to me. They were movies that had a message of the healing power of the Lord. I didn’t intentionally look for the movies that would have a godly message, but they appeared. I have Amazon Prime on our Roku, so I can browse through many movies. I try to keep the content decent to a certain degree when choosing a flick. In my search, I ran into a movie that brought a man from being Agnostic to becoming a firm believer in Christ. He had an experience with a pair of sisters that he had rescued from a prostitution ring. The oldest sister had strong faith in Jesus, and the series of events that took place ultimately led the man to his faith, and the sisters to safety. It also inspired the man to go further within his faith. A very good movie.

The next movie was just as good. When you watch a movie on Prime, you can view a list of other movies that people also watched after viewing the same movie you have viewed. I went into this list and found another movie that sparked my interest. In the end, another man with strong doubts found refuge in the Lord.

I was heading to work this past Thursday and thinking deeply about my own series of events that had taken place earlier that morning. A song came of the radio that overwhelmed me with a strong confirmation of His presence. The story is long, and the content is deep, so I won’t go into detail. Through the song, I knew that the Lord was with me. These types of confirmations, or signals, or whatever title one could give them, have happened to me throughout my walk with the Lord. Some would say that it is just coincidental, or my imagination, but I know His ways of reaching me.

I’ll put something out here for others to think about. Something to help form an opinion of doubt, or belief. Maybe you can walk away saying that I’m crazy! Maybe it will help strengthen your faith?

Nearly twenty years ago, before I really had a strong relationship with the Lord, I was a skeptic. I had always believed there was a god, but didn’t really care to try to figure all of that out. I was raised in a home that had mention of God, but He was never emphasized. The instruction was just pointed to; that book which sat on our coffee table. “Read it!” was all I really heard my Dad say about God. So before I get caught up in a rant about the lack of God in our home, I will go into a revelation that had taken place around 2001. Keep in mind, I had little understanding of the Lord at the time, because I had never really picked that book up. I only knew the basic story from reading a children’s Bible my grandparents had brought me when I was a kid. I had put that kid book away many years prior to this life-changing event.

The woman I was with at the time in 2001 was having Spinal Fusion surgery. It was a very invasive procedure which took around 6-8 hours if I recall correctly, and it involved cutting through her from the front to get to the spine. She was basically disemboweled and then reconstructed. It was a long wait for her mother and I. During that long wait, I had decided to take a walk down to the chapel in the hospital. I really didn’t know what I was going to do there? I stepped into the chapel and walked to a raised area that had a bunch of burning, as well as unlit candles sitting on it. I remember reading a little sign that instructed visitors to light a candle, and say a prayer. I did so. I don’t remember what I had said, but it was focused on my partner who was having surgery. I believe that my experience with God almighty was first revealed on that day, within a little chapel in a hospital, while I prayed alone.

I was in the middle of prayer, and I remember a rush of warm air pass over my body. That is the only way I know how to explain it. I remember tears pouring from my eyes. I remember a deep heat within, radiating outwardly. I remember being overjoyed by a presence that cannot be explained.

I had an experience that changed me that day, but it didn’t change my heart right away. For years, I would talk to people about God, but never believed it had much to do with Jesus. It wasn’t until I met up with Christ that I understood that day in 2001. It had taken nearly fifteen years to understand His message to me way back then. That signal, or confirmation, or whatever title one could give it. He was the message. The Word, God’s message to the world, and to me that day, is Jesus Christ, and we find Him by knowing Him. We have to know Jesus to know our Creator.

We can all get caught up in false teaching, or a religion that teaches fear through Old Testament. Or, we can learn about why and how Jesus has redeemed us, and understand that He alone has made us pure. Whole. Holy. That He alone has taken our sin, and died with it. That He alone is the answer to this troubled world, as well as the troubles within us. We are living in a world that is led by many who have never had a true experience with God, and they are the blind leading the blind down a path that is void of love. Void of truth. Far from the right road to His peace, and on a road of rules and regulations because they only fear God. I do not fear a loving God who has shown me how much He truly loves me. He died for me. Now, that’s love. He shows me His loving signals all of the time. I embrace a relationship with Him, and His love is the center of this wonderful life that is surely being led by a wonderful Master. He has warmed me, shown me, taught me, and walks beside me. Call me crazy, but His presence has been confirmed.

Have you missed what He was trying to show you?

Jesus spoke to the Pharisees again. “I am the light of the world,” he said. “Whoever follows me will have the light of life and will never walk in darkness.” – John 8:12 (GNT)

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