Our Needs Vs. Our Greeds

We are greedy, are we not? We have an insatiable appetite for more. We must acquire! But really, how much is enough? Are we ever fulfilled?

I have a different appetite than the next guy. We are all unique, and we all have different needs. I don’t need a Jaguar to transport myself to a six-figure place of employment, but my neighbor does. Perhaps he really doesn’t either? Maybe it is greed that drives him? I don’t need a laptop, a desktop and a phone. I could use just one device to write.

I had an hour yesterday to grab some lunch. It was a very busy day at work. I was truly exhausted, and very hungry. A quick trip to a local fast-food restaurant had left me disappointed. I chose a salad that looked very delicious in the kiosk picture, but it looked like a disaster in my container. I consumed my pile of lettuce and tasteless chicken, and headed out. On my trip down the road, I saw another restaurant and quickly pulled into the drive-thru. I needed a little bit more to satisfy my craving for delicious food, even though I was already full. The taste of the salad left me feeling like I was somehow missing out on life. I placed my order and started to pull forward. I was just about to the window when I pulled out of the drive, and drove away. It was rude. They had prepared a delicious item for me, and they would now have to throw it in the trash because of my need to cancel. I truly have been trying to work on choosing a healthier diet. My doctor had told me to watch my fat intake, so my decision to leave was good, and bad.

I was driving and had about twenty minutes to kill. I really had thought about grabbing a snack from the corner convenience store, but decided to take a turn that headed towards Fulton. Fulton is an area overrun by poverty. There are so many homeless people who walk around the neighborhoods. There is a box of non-perishable food items that I keep in a box in my vehicle, so I decided to drive around and find those in need.

One man was thankful for water. Another was happy to get a meal. The last man was grateful, even though he didn’t say much.

I was driving back to work, thinking about how my greed had turned into what someone else had a need for. How truly wonderful it made those three men feel. One of them said something to me that will never be forgotten. It made me truly appreciate the things that I have. It made me want to buy much more food to distribute.

I didn’t need another item to eat yesterday, but my greed did. I would have only been feeding my appetite for more. My stomach was already full. It is the same for many things in my life. I am already fulfilled when it comes to a home, a family, a few vehicles and a wardrobe. Do I truly need bigger, or better, or more?

I am not really in need of much, and I appreciate what my wife and I have earned. As I drive through Fulton, I see just how much I have, that I really don’t need. I see just how little these people live with. Do they not want more? Do they have a mental or physical illness that keeps them from acquiring? Are they just lazy? Do they live off of handouts? Or, do they have a better understanding of needs vs. greeds than I do? I don’t know? I just give them what I have because the Lord has put it on my heart to do so.

To the man with the Jaguar, or to the man who walks. Is it a need or a greed for you? Does someone else need your greeds?






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