Let It Go

It is hard to sit and think about a situation that someone is going through, and not be able to say a word to them about what could be done in order for their pain to be relieved. To know just how to reach a point of healing by taking the right steps. When you have “been there and done that,” it is already water under the bridge. It is not hindsight for the one who is in the midst of a crisis.

I spend a lot of time thinking about how others are hurting themselves, and how it also hurts those around them. If you read my blog, you know that I have plenty of experience when it comes to hurting others with what I had chosen to do with my life. Does wanting to help others make me empathetic? Maybe. Or maybe it just makes me a man who truly wants to see others find a better way. I have been where they are. I have felt that pain, and that sadness. The cutting sorrow that eats away at self-worth. The crippling patterns that have cut one down to virtually nothing, leaving a shell of a person who lives without hope. I am also a man who knows just how much we deserve. We deserve joy. We deserve to be comfortable within our own skin. We are worthy of being pulled out of the darkness that we have created within ourselves.

But trying to help someone by telling them what they could be doing differently? Come on, does anyone want to be told what to do?

I have a family member who is losing his life to alcoholism and drug abuse. He has been to AA and NA, jail, a Christian rehabilitation facility, and is now, once again, losing the battle. He is a smart guy and has plenty of potential, but he has some underlying issues that have not been addressed. He is not willing to release ‘something’ that is causing him to continuously fall off of the wagon. I feel as if it is right on the tip of his tongue when we speak, and he wants to say it, but he pulls it back in. He is not willing to release his past in order to obtain a better present and future. I cannot make him change. He has to want it bad enough first in order to begin the healing process. I cannot tell him what is on the other side of release, and just how good positive growth feels. He is stuck. His brain is at war within itself, and his spirit is grieving.

I want to tell him just how to do it. But all I can do is pray for him. He doesn’t see how the Lord has healed me, and he doesn’t care.

If you are hurting, please know that there is hope. There is joy outside of the things that pull you down. Release those things. Cry out to God. He will give you the power of His Spirit, if you truly want it. If you truly want change, you can change! Pray to Him. He will provide a way! Have faith in Him, and yourself! You can! If you need prayer, I will pray for you. I will also get others to pray for you. Have those around you pray for you. You are loved, and worthy, and there is another road that you can begin to follow. You don’t have to hurt yourself because of the hurts of yesterday. You can begin to heal, right now. It will be a challenge, but He is the power within. I wouldn’t waste my time telling you about Jesus if He had never changed my life.

Philippians 4:13 NKJV
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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