Why Worry About Our Blogging Success?

It was early yesterday when I posted one of my short stories on WordPress. I had it all written just the way I had wanted it. I posted it, and later came back to find that it had not received one like. Later that evening, I was reading a post about ‘how to be a successful blogger.’ For a minute, I had thought to myself, “Maybe my post truly is not what it should have been?”

Honestly, I had posted many writings on Facebook way before ever discovering WP, and I became very concerned about how many ‘likes’ I would receive. I became overly concerned about how people would view me through my words, photos and content of the writing. I would stress over who, out of the number of ‘friends’ who were more like acquaintances, would, and wouldn’t react by giving me a ‘single thumb-up,’ or a ‘heart.’ It would make me think differently about certain people. It would cause me to form an opinion of them over a stupid emoji or symbol appearing below my writing. Or even worse, not appearing.

It is very ridiculous to me. I had a great awakening to the reality of Facebook. It is a false reality. Most of the content is childish memes. Stupid rants. People’s drama. Hey, at least we get to share photos with our family and friends who we don’t get to actually hang out with like we did back before social media took over.

I just want to write. I’m not perfect, and I no longer try to bring in a thousand likes by creating a “perfect blog.” I share who I am. Putting a lot of emphasis on what I’m not, by strategic planning and executing my writings within the blogging community is just not for me. If you enjoy reading my posts, then expect error. If you don’t want to read because of my imperfections, then move along. I am passionate about writing from the heart. I am sharing who I am, where I have been and the ups and downs along the way in order to show others just how we all can become more of what God would like. Self-reflection. Humility. Love. Joy. Frustration. Opinion. Fact. Sadness. Inspirational writing. What concerns me. You’ll get it all on my blog.

I truly enjoy writing, and then sharing it. I appreciate a ‘like,’ and I truly hope that my content was worth your time and reaction. Your likes let me know that you’ve truly enjoyed my writing. But, I cannot be the perfect blogger. I cannot try to make it perfect in order to appease the ego, as well as the critics and competitive bloggers. I pray that my writings benefit you in some way, even though they may not be the greatest.

9 thoughts on “Why Worry About Our Blogging Success?

  1. It seems like it takes a good deal of time and visiting other blogs etc before one stumbles on people who actually read as well as write. I’m not too concerned about readership at this point in my blog because I’m just trying to figure out how WordPress works but I’ve followed a couple of really good writers who have little to know active readers. I suppose their is some mysterious recipe for gaining readership. Haha we shall see.


  2. Yes it seems as if there is some mysterious recipe! I suppose we have to play the game in order to be heard?
    I just have a desire to share my life, and just want to help others because of all of the years of living with not being able to help myself. God changed my heart, and I want as many people as possible to know it. Thanks for the comment. Maybe it time we will receive more likes?!


  3. Wow, this is a very great reminder. Keep writing! When I started writing, I’m more than concerned about how many likes will my posts get. But as time goes by, I realized I’m writing not because of likes or affirmation of people, but I’m writing to testify how God has been good to me. And I think it’s enough reason not to compare myself to others. Btw I don’t know why I can’t follow you. Trying to click follow button many times but it doesn’t work. I hope to get to know you, friend. Blessings to you!

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  4. I hate Facebook. I have an account but last weekend I decided I was my going to use it. I only keep it in case I used it somewhere to log in because the thing owns me basically.

    My last straw was realizing that people won’t even try. It’s like they see me on facebook so why bother calling or texting. Since I quit posting and reading, I notice people actually call me now. My job is social media and SEO and I hate it. I told my husband there has to be more to life than lying and trying to get everyone’s attention so you can get likes, or with my job, get more customers. I just feel like it’s so empty and a waste of time.

    Since removing myself, I’ve been painting and trying to work through some grief. I use lots of things to distract me… Kids, my job, Facebook so now that I’m basically sitting here alone most of the day, I’m actually having to deal with my anxiety and sadness and finding out who I am and what I am good at. I’m good at social media but I loathe it. The creative side of me would rather win the day but too bad I can’t get paid to write.

    Anyway I know what you mean. Sorry my long ramble.

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  5. Ha that’s okay! Yeah I’m pretty sick of SM myself. I enjoy seeing creativity, reading real life thoughts and feelings on WordPress. Real people expressing their realities. Facebook seems like it has ran it’s course and is now mostly memes and political war.


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