He Stands At My Door

It has been yet another long work week, and I have been so incredibly thankful for this day of rest. I woke at 2 A.M. this morning, which is not even close to the time I’d wished to get up on a Saturday. This past week has been very hard on my body. But, I woke up and spent some time writing, reading and just thanking the Lord. I completed a little project, which my wife has really appreciated, and finally sat down to watch a movie.

I have been watching some very good movies lately. When I do have the time, I can find a bunch of different movies on our streaming device. Today, I watched a movie about, and I’ll say this kindly, a woman who was “disfellowshipped” from her counterfeit Christ-following religion. It was a movie that had me very concerned for those who are not aware of the truth of Jesus Christ, but yet refer to themselves as “The Truth.”

Here is a true experience that had later occurred that had me really believing that the Lord was trying to show me something. It is possible.

I had watched about three-quarters of the movie when I had decided to go back to bed. My early waking had left me pretty drained by midday. I woke several hours later, spoke with my wife for a bit and then continued to watch the movie. It was sad to see that a woman had died because her religion forbids blood transfusions.

I was close to finishing the movie when I heard a knock at the door. As I opened the door I was greeted by two young ladies with very big smiles, long dresses and armfuls of literature. They stated their names, and we conversed about how our days had been going for a short period. The younger woman began to tell me about her religion. I politely said that I am a Christian, and she said “Great! We are too!” She then continued to explain her religion to me. It was, yet another, counterfeit Christ-following religion. I quickly said to her that I do not believe in the way that she does. She then proceeded to ask if I had a little time for her and her colleague to explain a little more about their beliefs. I politely explained to her that I know their beliefs and do not believe them, and I also stated how I am secured in my beliefs. They tried to work their way in with their literature and business cards, but I told them that it was not something that I needed. I left them with a polite “God bless you ladies,” and closed the door.

For many years I had searched for what to have faith in when it came to God. I grew up in an environment which had subtle remnants of God through Jesus Christ, but honestly, I’d never really heard much about Him as I was growing up. If you read my blog, you’ll see my experience. It was not until I absolutely wanted to know what He is did I find His true way. It is written upon my heart. My experiences have made it very clear to me that the way that I see Him, my personal relationship with Him, is what He wants for me. I will not waver.

I have decided within the past few years to be very aware of what has played out within my day, and today I noticed this. There are so many different directions one can be pulled by the world. But, there is a different ‘pull’ that we can experience if we choose to accept the free gift of Jesus Christ, by having faith in the sacrifice He has made for our sins. The faith in Him that brings His gift of Holy Spirit. To have faith in the blood that has washed us clean. Both of the religions I had experienced today do not proclaim this.

You know, the two religions that were presented couldn’t break down my wall of His making. They couldn’t shake my knowing of who He truly is. I believe the Lord had a little test for me today. I believe He guarded my heart from those who were knocking.

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