A Day Just Like Any Other

I’ll never forget where I was when I had heard that a plane had hit one of the Twin Towers. It was a Tuesday morning on September 11, 2001. I was outside loading a delivery truck for the company I had been working for. The radio was on as I was loading items in the cab of the truck. The actual sound of the impact was being broadcasted over the speaker’s voice as I listened to whatever it was I was listening to. The devastation had stopped the man’s scripted speech. It was actually very unbelievable to hear these things. I thought it was some kind of prank, but it became very obvious that it wasn’t within minutes. That day changed the way we look at the United States, the way that we view the world, and it changed the lives of so many. The attacks on that day killed 2,996 people, injured over 6,000 others, and caused at least $10 billion in infrastructure and property damage. It also destroyed the lives of millions in many different ways. Today, we remember those senseless attacks.

There is a great storm, a hurricane someone has named Hurricane Florence that is quite possibly going to rip through the east coast later this week. Mandatory evacuations, preparations and many prayers are taking place. There is a fear within many as the storm that is moving towards their area draws closer.

I’m sitting here waking up for the day. I have a cup of coffee, all of these amenities that I take for granted, as well as a wife and kids. I thank God almost everyday for these things, and those precious people. I’m thinking about how others wake up and go about their day as usual, just like the people on that Tuesday in 2001, and never expect a devastation to take place. How a split-second occurrence can wreak havoc. How we all tend to get caught up within our lives, and walk through it without taking much time for thanking God for each blessing. Then, as the inevitable trials come, big and small, we are absolutely filled with uncontrollable emotion and uneasiness. Some scurry. Some fall and pray. Some are conditioned to dust off their pain, blocking out the hurt. Some are just finished, to the point of suicide.

There are many hurts that we all go through. It is part of life. Some are way more severe than others. We have many options when it comes to managing these obstacles. We have to find that certain immovable strength that we stand upon as we go through the many stages of grief and sorrow. All of those stupid emotions. So, what is it that you find strength in?

I have had a lifetime of trials. Many have. But I finally realized that my, ‘running from here to there,’ looking for a strength that was only obtainable within myself and within the things of the world, was temporary strength. I’d find a great pill or drug, or chase a bottle around. Maybe I’d put my faith in controlling or blocking out emotions. I had faith in gods that left me empty. Even those drugs were gods.

So, I invited Jesus into my life. I learned about Him. I wanted His strength that I had read about. I wanted that passion that so many other people would proclaim. I had to put down what I had thought I knew, and take up His cross. He is the rock that I stand upon through every trial, and always will be. He is what gets me through EVERY storm. Big and small.

Today as we remember those who were just wanting to get through another day. Those who were hurting, nervous, pissed-off, hungry, stressed out of their minds, just too busy or grieving over a death. May we remember that just like them, before their lives ended, we too go through the many trials. We should think about our blessings, and praise God daily. We have to practice our relationship with Him. We have to let His Holy Spirit move us through knowing what He wants. We can read His Word. We can pray. We can love as He loves. We can thank God for everything, and practice humility. Humbleness. We can accept Jesus, in order to have a strong and everlasting foothold in this life. A life that could end at any given moment.



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