“But I Don’t See God?!”

“I won’t believe it until I see it.” How often have we heard or said this? We won’t believe John will stop feeding his children the traditional Friday night pizza, until we see it happen. We sure will not believe that Jane will stop flirting with every guy at the office until we see it. We need confirmation. We need proof. We must have a “Well, look at that!” in order to believe it, and we cannot wait to feel the self-righteous pleasure of “See! I told you so!” We have a strong carnal mind which must question something until we have a substantial amount of information which provides reason to conclude whether something is true or not. We ask questions. We gather answers. Through a process of elimination, we arrive at our, “yes or no.”

“But what about God?”

I really have never understood how anyone could say that we are not created? How someone could say that we just popped-up out of nothing and evolved into something. The belief that nothing came from nothing and that nothing exploded into something that became everything which rearranged itself into everything that we are and see?!

Have these people, who claim that those who believe in God are crazy, ever looked at their child? Have they looked at the perfection and color of a butterfly which had transformed from a caterpillar? Have they ever thought about the complexity of the human body? Study DNA for a day. Was that a magical “accident?”

It took a very long time for me to understand what I have always known to be true. There is something that has placed us here. The more searching, digging, examining, and concluding I did, I was certain that the Bible is the best explanation there is for the Divine. And you know what sets God of the Bible apart from the rest of all beliefs and religions? The magnitude of His love. His willingness to save us from a downright preposterous and disreputable world. Have you looked around lately? We are living in a world of hell. People kill for lunch money. They hate a man for the color of his skin. They kill themselves with drugs, and then wonder why they have no life. They are just what the Bible calls them; sinners. Separated from God. It makes a lot more sense to me, after being a wretched man for most of my life, to believe that sin is a very real thing that is living within this world. Something pushed me to hate. Something convinced me to visit the dark streets where the addicts would tuck themselves away in filth, filling themselves with poison. A great force was definitely pulling me into the thoughts of suicide, and the nightmarish life of self-inflicted harm.

Oh yeah, there’s a God. I can attest, and will boldly do so. That change that took place within me was a giant slap in the face! When God showed up, IT WAS KNOWN. I haven’t been the old me since. Yes, I struggle with sin. No, I am in no way perfect. But I know that something within is different. My heart hurts when I am around certain things, situations or people. I sense things that were never present before. I can see through new eyes. Jesus Christ, the very real Jesus Christ, has transformed me into a new creation. Praise God! I don’t need proof, or confirmation, or something that I can see. I am His. The changes that continually emerge within His grace are without a doubt, always present.

I have my days where I cannot see what He is doing, but I always see that He holds me. I suppose some do not ever get to know the Lord because they only wait for Him to walk up in person, and introduce Himself? Try listening to His voice as He speaks. Try looking at the ways that He is trying to show you His presence. Try seeing the beauty that is right in front of you. Try digging into His Word, listening to His voice, and communicating with Him, instead of thinking a church building will hand Him to you. Maybe He is present, but you continue to look in the wrong direction?

gray and black butterfly sniffing white flower
Photo by JÉSHOOTS on Pexels.com

4 thoughts on ““But I Don’t See God?!”

  1. As a believer our life is to be one that is a walk of faith. Faith knowing God is real and is with us and is working in and through us at all times. Yes it is hard to see and believe at times, but we need to stand on what we know is true…God’s Word, which says He loves us and will never leave us. Thank you for sharing. It is a tough truth sometimes.

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