The Great Beginning Of An End

There is a certain feel that surrounds us this time of year. Here in the Ohio valley, we welcome the cool nights. The golden glow of the setting sun, now leaning further towards the southern horizon. Different colors are now replacing the lush greens of our rolling hills. There is a shortened time of light between the end of labors, and the beginning of settling down for an evening meal.

We will soon gather around bonfires, drinking and eating our seasonal goodies. The jackets and hoodies will be hung on the hooks that were vacant for months prior.

We are used to these fields. We watch them in their cycles each year. Barren in winter. New green in spring. Lush life in summer. End life in autumn.

This familiar time is a reminder of the cabin fever that will soon fall upon us. The snow will soon cover our land. The fireplace will soon be lit. We will spend more time inside, covered in cotton knit.

As we look forward to turning leaves and beautifully painted landscapes of our fall season, we will enjoy the end of the warm days. The picturesque, rustic lands that we call home are now coming back to life. We will soon view the many colors of golds and reds, and admire His gift of change.

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