A Break From Our Troubles

There is a place about an hour from our home that we visit every once in a while. Yesterday, my son and I went for a hike there. It’s a place that is full of natural formations of sandstone that have been carved away by wind and rain over a period of thousands of years. The elements have sculpted some of the most stunning and interesting rock formations known to man. The formations are surrounded by miles of beautiful woodlands and foothills. It is a nice break from the city, and very relaxing.

There are a number of visible layers of sedimentary rock that display a timeline from days long gone. It is intriguing to just stand before these formations and wonder what the world must have been like during each layer. There are huge, several-hundred ton boulders below the cliffs that had fallen off of these massive natural formations over the years. My son and I wondered just when these things had occurred? When did it start exactly? What body of water did this? We will never know, and we only have theories to go by. There are signs posted throughout the park that paint a vague answer to these questions, but one can only speculate. We were not here. Not one of us were here at that time. Evidently, water played a part. The land in which we live was once covered by a great sea. The past is gone, but the sandstone formations remain. On the ancient seafloor, we now grow corn, soybeans, and pump oil from deep underground. The narrow rivers that surround us are all that is left of that body of water.

It was a picture perfect day full of sun and tolerable temperature. We had a great time just hanging out and soaking in God’s artwork.

Sometimes when things are weighing on us, and the heart and mind just need a break, a walk in nature can help alleviate our stress. Yesterday started off, I’ll just say, not very good. I was starting to sink into a mild depressive state. I have been battling many things that are really out of my control, but involve people whom I love dearly. It has been an ongoing battle for some time. Saturdays seem to be hard for me lately. I am supposed to be resting after my long work week, but the last few Saturdays have been very difficult. I decided at the last minute to grab one of my kids, and go. I had to break out of those thoughts, and just enjoy this life. So glad we did go, and very glad I had the opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with our oldest.

If you get into a rut, find some joy. Get some fresh air. Step out of your space of distress and enjoy the gifts of our Creator. Be blessed, and be mindful of joy in our tribulation by acknowledging His beauty that surrounds us.

One thought on “A Break From Our Troubles

  1. That looks like an awesome place to hike in. It is true that enjoying God’s creation can help a person relax and get the right perspective on life and what is really important. Thank you for sharing!

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