My Sweet, Precious Necessities!

There are actually many gods in our lives. Little ones. Little idols that we believe have little, or no control over us. We can proclaim Lord as Lord, but what about the things that lord over us? Should they go without mention, or unrecognized?

There was a time when cannabis has great control within my life. I lived for it. It was a necessity. I could not go a single day without using the sweet herb. I had to look at it, smell it, taste each hit that I would take. I lived for it.

When I was younger, I loved to smoke cigarettes. I just loved removing the cellophane and inner foil-lined paper of the pack, exposing the fine product inside. That first drag from the perfectly-rolled smoke. The smell and striking of the flint of my Zippo lighter. The action of smoking. Like a fine art. I lived for it.

I have never been much of a sports fan, but there was a time when I lived, ate and breathed skateboarding. I had to build the ramps, go to the best places to perform the tricks with my friends and wear all of the proper attire. BMX bikes were also just as important around that time in my life.

Football!!! An American god! So many talk about football. Watch football. Wear jerseys, have gatherings , and drink until they are falling over while acting like animals over plays. Some even play Fantasy Football. Alcohol is another god that plays an important part within this idolatrous contest.

Food. Ministry. Writing. Electronics. Wardrobe. Money. Vehicles. Vanity. You name it. Little gods.

Passions are okay, and I am in no way saying that some of the things mentioned are necessarily bad in and of themselves, but they very well could be. When the time and effort that is spent on these things becomes paramount, we need to evaluate. We have to recognize what these things are leading us into, and away from. Are these things becoming of more importance than our Lord?

Here’s an interesting link that may have you thinking about the little things that are placed before Him…




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