Just A Thought

It’s Monday, and I am just waking up. I am sitting and thinking about many things. Yesterday was a great day of fellowship with a friend of mine. It was a good feeling this morning to stop and think about the friendship and lessons we had taught each other. I’m thinking about the wasted years. Those years of filling my life with filth. The opposite of yesterday with my friend. There was no study of His Word, no patience when it came to a difference of opinion. No joy.

I am thinking about all of the things, good and bad, that have passed before these eyes. The images are like photos laid out on a table. Observed. Felt. Hated. Loved. I am thinking about the things that I cannot change, and how the devil likes to attack me immediately after a meeting with the Lord.

I think about the weight of the flesh, and the holiness of His Spirit. I choose to allow one or the other to lead. My choices are sometimes poor, but the mighty hand of God has promised me eternal forgiveness through His righteous Son. That makes me think about just how much I fail Him. How much the life of sin has conditioned me. Old habits are hard to break. But, He is my good teacher. I now listen, unlike those years of rebellion.

My busy mind never shuts up. It has more strength than a hundred men. Lord, will you please calm me today?

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