A Change Has Come

The wind of change is currently blowing across our state. This is the last warm day that we will have of the extended summer. We have been blessed with a beautiful, crystal clear day to finish off our season of warmth. Tomorrow, the rain will bring the front of fall. The leaves will evolve. The fires will burn. The nights will grow long.

Each year, there is that same wind of change. I have noticed that it is not like other winds. The whole atmosphere seems to take on a different life. An old familiar friend who comes to visit, bringing the traditional gifts of peace. The yellow glow of the setting sun. Tints unlike the summer’s blue.

It will soon turn from painted, to gray. Snow and slush will conquer. Our home will be a refuge until life takes hold in spring.

We wait for the next day, but it is not guaranteed. Each day of His seasonal beauty is embraced, and each moment is another example of His perfection.

The seasons may come, but we remain the same. Humbled by His hand of splendor, comforted in His ways of change.

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