Check Yourself

Idols. We all have them. Social media, food, drink, music, sex, money, work, ministry, or ourself. There are many popular things of the world that we desperately try to convince ourselves, and others, of being “okay” within the eyes of the Lord. The desires of the flesh. Not of Spirit. As Christ followers, we are called to continuously keep our hearts in check, moving further away from those desires that we have grown accustomed to within our carnality. We should always be looking at His Spirit, and the fruits thereof, allowing Holy Spirit to move us away from those old ways. We allow our heart and mind to be filled with things that are placed high above Jesus, when they clearly have no place within a true spiritual walk. We should pray for those things to be removed.
That image that you have, and try to uphold. Is it truly of spirit, or flesh? Is the the lusts of the flesh and eyes, the pride of life, is what you desire placed higher, or right alongside your desire for Christ? Do you justify your actions and choices, and claim that it is bringing glory to God?
May we all check ourselves. If we are to worship in Spirit and Truth, are we truly doing so?

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