“Did You Feel That?”

How emotions play a part in my walk with the Lord has always been a somewhat difficult question. There are so many times when I have great feelings of happiness while meditating on His Word, or speaking with others during fellowship. I have had the deepest sorrow while thinking about the hurts I have caused someone. There has been a passionate feeling of frustration, accompanied by anger, when I find that someone has preached the Word of God in error. Many different emotions arise within my life, as in yours. The question is, “do we know if it is of the flesh, or of His Holy Spirit?”

Everyone has the God-given gift of emotion. Wikipedia, in one aspect, defines emotion as “any relatively brief conscious experience characterized by intense mental activity and a high degree of pleasure or displeasure.” We have many degrees of pleasure and displeasure within our experiences. We, as humans, are faced with so many different situations that lead us into various emotions. Happiness. Sadness. Positive emotions. Anxious emotions. Negative emotions. You can find a plethora of lists of emotions on any search engine. Within the hundreds of feelings, can we substantiate the difference of emotion, and the moving of Holy Spirit?

“I was moved by Holy Spirit at church today!” Maybe you have heard someone say this, or have said it yourself? I’ve heard it many times, when the opening concert was a great production. Lights, smoke, prompting of the lifting of hands. The presence of large screens that display the close-ups of the performers or skillful imagery, enticing spectators through their visual sense.

Is it possible that maybe we are moved by our emotions in these settings?

My experience has been the same at secular concerts. Great vibes and feelings. I went to those concerts for entertainment, and honestly, I never once related any of it to Holy Spirit. I love music, and my taste in it has changed since growing closer to the Lord, but music is just something that I enjoy. It’s peaceful, and it definitely moves me in ways. Good ways. The emotions are recognized and enjoyed. Although, Holy Spirit moving me is really something I have never experienced within a church service that consisted of a wonderful music production. That’s just my experience. Movement of His Holy Spirit is the deep warmth that has radiated outwardly as I have been in prayer, and the inner-most being who directs me to do what the Lord wants. He is the resident counselor within who corrects my fleshy thoughts and ways. He is the One who convicts, and reveals truth.


My experience is not yours, and my personal relationship with the Lord is not either. What absolutely should be the same is the truth of what His Word says. I am not sure about many of these buildings that we call “churches” today, because in a Biblical sense, they are far from what the Bible defines as Church. It seems as if the buildings are really corporate organizations that are always coming up with strategic methods of bringing in the masses for financial gain, instead of teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The emotions are stroked and used to persuade naive and uneducated greenhorns to give their time and money to a worldly scheme. A scheme that keeps the leaders wealthy, the feelings stimulated, and the ears tickled. May we all search for truth in His Word, using proper discernment to find out whether we are emotionally driven in our relationship with the Lord, or truly driven by His Holy Spirit.


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