We Follow People Before Jesus

Let’s face it. We follow a lot of people. Where should I start?

This is not a bashing session. It is just how I see the world through my eyes as I walk with Him. He has revealed many things that have shown me just how far the devil can go in his attempt to take our eyes off of Jesus, and how he does it in very subtle ways through others. I’ll talk about what I have noticed when it comes to how people are made to sit above our Lord.

When I was young, I relied on my parents to take care of me. I followed them around. If I was hungry, I’d run to mom or dad. If I didn’t know, I’d ask mom or dad. I began to follow certain people as I became a teen. I’d follow the kids who enjoyed the same things as me. As I grew older, I still followed people who did the things that I enjoyed. We would get into all kinds of trouble. I’d idolize musicians, athletes, and mentors. I would idolize the money and the power others had. I’d follow people at work, and try to compete against them for recognition. When social media hit (Myspace and Facebook), how awesome! I could now follow so many! I could idolize people and compare. I could get jealous of what others had, and envy their life after reading their words and viewing their photos. As you can see, the great majority of my life has consisted of following others. My need to be liked, validated, admired and loved was my focus. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate my followers here and on Facebook, but where I place all of us, including myself, within line with God must be observed.

There are so many of us who follow others in our walk with the Lord. In many cases, Jesus is a bit further down the line than our clergymen, the Pope (if you are Catholic), the great theologians and evangelical scholars, the writers, so on and so forth. There is a man named Bill Wilson who is glorified above Jesus within a program called Alcoholics Anonymous. He wrote the twelve step program after playing with a Ouija board. Now, a man named Rick Warren has twisted it into a supposed “Christian” program that he renamed “Celebrate Recovery.” It is now being embraced within our Christian churches. He has used out of context Bible verses to sway others into believing that addiction is not only a disease, but the Celebrate Recovery program is of God and His Word. Sorry Jesus, Bill and Rick get the first table! We have people all over the world who bow before a man they call “Pope.” We have divided off from the true definition of following Jesus Christ and His Church, and call it Catholicism. From Catholicism, men have created Protestantism. We have created ideas that are not even found in His Word because of our lack of knowledge, the greed planted deep within our deceitful hearts, and the unrecognizable idolatry that we have blindly fallen pray to.

If we follow His Word (Jesus), and we follow Holy Spirit, we begin to see just how much we follow others before we follow Him. Jesus said, “Follow me.” Is there someone who is placed in line before our Lord within your walk? Only you can answer that.



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