Taming This Fallen Flesh

It really is a challenge at times to bridle this tongue of mine.

I purposely place my writings within sight of those who have no belief in God. I do this in order to possibly ‘plant or water a seed’ (1 Corin. 3:6-8). I am called to proclaim the victory and Truth of Jesus Christ to the world, and one of the ways I do this is through my words.
Within the last week, there has been a few specific comments on two recent posts of mine that have caused myself and one other a great deal of grief. My post about my belief and faith caused one individual to lash out with anger, exercise their lack of self-control and slam me with childish chatter. Another blogger commented on the post in disbelief of the conversation between us, and she unfortunately paid for it. The wrath of the person who originally commented on my post went on to bash an innocent woman for disagreeing with her view on abortion, as well as her personal emotions and thoughts. All of which were not even original topics of discussion. The commenter finally followed up by insulting the woman in a very immature manner.
I had posted another writing questioning why someone would reject Jesus. It was a question I had decided to write about with the hope of others possibly questioning their own views. Of course, more backlash occurred. The blogger asked why I would waste my time with God, or a god. He delivered words to berate and make me appear to be foolish for my faith, and he wanted me to show him evidence of God. I went on to tell him that the natural man does not recognize the Lord and His evidence because of one’s lack of Holy Spirit. You can visit my other post here to understand what I had meant.


Two different atheists, and I say that because they have freely made it known, have placed their feelings within the comments. They have their right to comment, and they have their right to say whatever they like. Feedback and comments are always welcomed. It is no surprise that we, as Christ followers, will be attacked. Jesus was a revolutionary, and He was crucified for His teachings of love and truth. I am also crucified for spreading His message of truth and love.
When I place a writing online, I do it so that He is exalted. So that He receives the glory. The praise given to Him through my personal experiences is the goal. His place is intended to be first, and I do my best as a fallen man to humble myself. My writings are sent into the world with every intention of bringing someone hope, the peace of God and an encouraging moment within our difficult lives.

But here’s the real deal…

I’m still human.

I do what I can to prepare myself before publishing a writing. I ask myself if it needs to be said, if it is what I truly believe in and if it is appropriate. Sometimes it contains things that are not what others would find “properly executed,” but like I had said, I’m still human. I’m always growing in this walk with Him, just like you. There are times when this flesh sees the things that people say, and the old me takes the wheel. It may not pour out of my mouth because of the practiced habit of ‘tasting my words before speaking them’ but the thoughts are still there. The subtle hints of my inner frustrations still bleed into the words that are written at times. It is much better than it was several years ago, when I too would unleash my own wrath upon others.
The comments from the two atheists that are now embedded on my posts will be there for all to read. They will be reminders of how we are all capable of not only rejecting the Lord, but also capable of seeing His truths. His love. His gentleness, and our lack of. Within the comments, we can also see how the differences between us can lead to the opposite of what the Lord is; love. We can see how hatred towards those who do not agree with us can stir up emotions, and block the Holy Spirit’s strength. We can see just how ugly an unbridled tongue can be.

One thought on “Taming This Fallen Flesh

  1. So sorry people have to get angry and abusive. Each of us is entitled to our own opinion. The thing is I can’t prove that God exists using science….but I also can’t prove he doesn’t exist. We have to choose for ourselves.

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