Diffusing Our Bombs

There is a current headline that is titled “Man in Florida arrested, charged in connection with mail bombs sent to public figures” that was displayed on The Washington Post website today. After skimming through the article, I quickly realized that it was about a man who had sent out homemade bombs to political figures. To be honest, I quit reading it after I understood the gist of the story.

There is a man I know who has a very high opinion of himself. He is constantly talking down to another guy, behind his back to others, about how he is such a terrible person. Incompetent. A drunk. A failure. Less-than. I listen to the man speak at times and wonder just what, or who had broken him inside? What makes him focus so much on the flaws of others instead of focusing on what he could do about his own?

The two men; the bomber and the man I am acquainted with, have obviously been deeply scarred. What drives a man to actually execute a devised method of hurting someone with a pipe bomb? With less severity, what drives my acquaintance to berate the other guy? What is it that keeps them in a place of inner-anguish and frustration? Is it what they allow into their lives? Is it the habitual sins in which they continuously entertain? The possibilities are endless. Only they know why.

I am not innocent. When I observe certain individuals and recognize the things that they choose to do, I sometimes say to myself, “What an idiot.” Is this really any different than what began the thoughts which led the man to send out the pipe bombs to political figures? Is this any different than the thoughts which drive my acquaintance to say harsh things about the other guy? The beginning thought that is not quickly diffused is truly what leads to the onset of further action. Action of thought; leading to the place where our evil flesh has a heyday running with self-gratifying, as well as the ultimate self-destructive prideful thoughts of superiority. We can turn ourselves into someone that is somehow ‘much better’ than the other.

Can we stop to observe our own faults and sins before looking deep into someone else’s?

Can we diffuse our own thoughts before letting them take-off and become destructive?

Yes we can. We have Holy Spirit within us. We can call upon or Lord to overcome. We can practice His methods and utilize His ways instead of our own. We have that choice. A relationship with Christ can overcome any obstacle. His Word can teach us what we do not see without His counsel. Our hearts can be transformed. We can be filled with the Spirit. His Spirit. A Spirit which moves us to see the pain within the man who is sending bombs to our political people. To see the rooted anger within the man who talks down to an obviously broken man. All of them are people, just like you and I. People with problems, ignorance, sin-nature, emotions, painful memories, evil minds and broken hearts.

There is nothing fruitful about spreading more hate on top of the hate that is already taking place. Lord help us all to remember this! We are always going to fail in one way or another. It is part of us. I pray this morning that we all call upon Him to guide our minds and hearts into places which please Him. I pray that the devil gets behind you today and in the days to come.








4 thoughts on “Diffusing Our Bombs

  1. My husband and I watch Forensic Files. I can only stand so much of that show. I mainly like watching how they solve the case, not so much the cases themselves which I find utterly disturbing at times. I often ask myself how people get to the point where they feel murder is a good option…or rape, or arson..or whatever. Seems like such a waste of a life (theirs and the ones they take). I try to wrap my head around it and I can’t.

    When I was a devout Christian, I told myself that I didn’t do those things because of God’s grace. What about the people that don’t believe in God that live good lives? They aren’t following the Holy Spirit. But they aren’t doing great evil either. I always struggled with that. I don’t have any answers or arguments either way, just something I think about at times. But I still have never understood how someone can be pure evil–blowing things up or otherwise. Creeps me out that there are people like that in the world though.

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  2. Well, if God created human life, and every facet of their makeup, and if sin is the root of all that has been disrupted since the fall of man (Adam and Eve), then everything that is moral or immoral in a person comes directly from God or the flesh (sin nature). That is true for all humans, whether they believe it or not.
    Holy Spirit is not the conscience. My conscience has led me into many places that I had believed were great. Holy Spirit won’t allow it, even though I go against His voice at times. His Word has taught me a “right “that is not of the “right that I once knew.


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