“Did I Receive The Correct Change?”

The rain is sweeping over our area this morning. We have been blessed with unusually warm weather, even though it is the first day of November. There has been a significant drop in temperature accompanying the heavy downpour, and it is likely to bring the cooler temperatures we should be having.

“We should be having.”

I observe the unusual temperatures and expect the change of the season to come soon. It is what I anticipate, and also what I have seen in years past living within this area. It is supposed to be chilly by now!

We anticipate a lot of things. My wife and I are looking forward to our weekend getaway in the Smoky Mountains this weekend. We have planned our little trip for months. I anticipate going to bed at night and rising to see a new day. I expect my children to do their homework. As we go about our days, we ‘look forward to, expect, and anticipate.’

But do we place our faith in the Lord and His plan above our own?

I know that the Lord has His own plan outside of mine. Of yours. He will have His way with the rains that fall, the timing of His climatic shift, and the right moments for those whom He loves dearly. He is beyond what we can fathom, and He holds His own ways far above our own.

The seasons of our lives, much like the seasons within our region, are sometimes unpredictable. They sometimes do not go as planned or anticipated. The kids may not do their homework. The trips may have to be postponed or cancelled. Our friend may not rise to see a new morning.

This may be a rather grim message for some, but a very true one. We cannot expect our plan to always go the way we would like. Sometimes the Creator of our universe has a different plan. One which goes beyond our understanding. One that exceeds, at times, our willingness to accept it. We may grieve or become emotional, or be in total disbelief.

Before we blame God for our shortcoming, we must always remember that He is the Alpha and Omega. The author and finisher of our faith. He gave us life, and He takes His children home when He will. We must remember that He is in control, beyond our own.

As we face the times of disappointments, and before we get caught up in our selfish desire to be overly upset, may we see what our Lord has planned. May we continue to have faith, and call upon Him for the answer when our seasons are not as we expected.

The following are links of encouragement. Enjoy every moment He has given!



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