Our Days Of Togetherness (Part 1)

It’s a new day in a very different place. My wife and I are spending our weekend in a spectacular wonderland of color, and the current early haze of morn.

A true sensory overload! The vibrant colors; a blanket of rustic reds, yellows and oranges stretch for miles into an infinite horizon. The waters run through the valleys, carrying our curiosities downstream. The leaves are falling into our tomorrows. The peace that is being witnessed within His created splendor is something that we carry with us through the miles of uncharted highways. We observe newness in the dying.



Admirations of the unique spectrums are blossoming within the morning. The way the light reflects and peeks through the filters of autumn is not like the hours to follow. We have a day ahead that will bring the uniqueness of temporary scenes, never to be seen again. The beauty of nature is waking, and waking us.



The day is young, and there is much to explore within our leisure. As we journey out into the attractions, taste the unfamiliar edibles and view the endless magnificence, we will continuously be thankful for our coming hours together…





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