Our Days Of Togetherness (Part 2)

This past couple of days has brought my wife and I closer together. Most of the time, the moments at home leave little room for rest and relaxation. Between kids, work, the daily routines and the in-betweens, we are usually only passing each other until we reach our resting place in bed. Because of the Lord above, we have been able to not only enjoy our time together on this little getaway of ours, but also His beautiful world.






There is a certain feel which resonates here. A spectacular view around every corner. The sun has been shining throughout the last two days, and the color has a certain vibrancy not found within our hometown. The surroundings are so crisp within their unique aspects! The passing rains that we encountered on Friday while traveling here left Saturday and today open to clear blue skies, and the popping autumn hues.

20181104_074239_HDR.jpg20181103_124544.jpgWe rode an aerial tramway over several miles of mountaintops, observing the rich autumn variety.



Outside of the few things I have mentioned, we will continue this short journey of ours. We will continue to find the small pleasures which create the lasting memories.

20181103_143252 (1).jpg





20181104_071308_HDR (1).jpg


20181103_143151 (1).jpg

Each passing hour is filled with remnants of the collected moments captured within. The still images are just a small fraction of what we will carry back home with us. As we settle in for another evening in our little shelter within the vastness of His creation, we reflect. We dream of our personal experiences, filtered by our individuality. We rest in a unique peace, void of the hectic world we will soon return to.



The Lord is so good!! He paid the penalty so we may live freely within a world that is plagued by the mysteries of iniquity. Somewhere within His amazing grace, and the characteristics of the fallen world, my wife and I are able to observe His works. We embrace His gifts. We admire His beauty. We decide to search for the good in the world. We allow His voice to speak, and through His eyes, we see.

As we reach the ends of our trek here, we will appreciate what He has shown us throughout these last few days. We will return home and thank Him for what we have, and what He continues to provide. We will keep the memory of the Smokies within our mind. We will leave these little pieces of His reflection within our heart.


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