Obscured By Our Clouds

The rains will come
Take the trees and make a shelter
The body will soil
Take these waters and bathe.

You will hunger
Take these fruits and animals to consume
You will tire
Rest on my ground.

The sun will shine
Bask in its warmth
You will need it for growth

You will grow cold
Take my timber from the rain
You will need to keep it dry
Place it in your shelter.

Rub the wood together
Quickly now…
See how the wood grows hot from the action?
Continue until it ignites
Create your flame
…you will learn.

Take the life of the beast
Cut the flesh from its bone
Place it near your flame

Take its skin and cover your flesh
The days will grow cold
Remove the skins in warmer days
Keep it for another change.

Take the fruit from the vine
Cut away the rind

Take the water from the sky
Gather more in a vessel
Did I not provide earth for you to craft one?
Place it into your fire
You will see.

Take the seed and grow the new
Place it in the earth
Watch it grow like the tree
Remember the sun? The water?

Take the mind
It shows you how
I created that too
Do allow.

Look out at the land
Is it not pleasing to you?
This place I have brought you to
I’ve given you life
Can you see my love for you?

Gather others and learn from them
Grow in your ways
…in mine…
Take it all from me.

I am what you could not be
Without me, you would not be
I have given it all to you
Yet, you refuse to believe me.

Do you not see?

Is it not true?
Where did it all come from?
From me, or you?

I often wonder what the first people must have been thinking about when it came to where they had come from? They must have wondered? Did they think about the things that we take for granted? Did they see the creation in the sense as we do?

Some do not think about such simple things as water, earth, fire, the beauty of our planet or the blessing of shared knowledge. So many are so caught up within their pride and their need to be right, that it becomes more important to maintain an image. It becomes one’s purpose. It becomes imperative to know everything before the next individual.

The simplicity of life has become obscured by the cloud of our technologies. Many people of today rarely see anything outside of a screen. Many have a far different vision than those of earlier times. Many ask themselves and others, “If I can’t see it, then how can it exist?” It distorts the God-given life that our early people surely must have recognized at times.

I was in such awe this past weekend in the Smoky Mountains. There was real, raw life there. It was a reminder of what our early ancestors had to do to survive. There were still reminders of how people of today are still living off of the land, and using what the Lord provides. His natural provisions. There was such faith, and talk of the Lord through Jesus Christ there. I had an experience through several people at a McDonalds while writing Sunday. It was evident in their words and faces that the Lord is seen in the simplicity of mountain living. They see what some fail to; His gifts from every direction.

We don’t have to go out and build shelters, or kill the beast to eat. We don’t have to make a fire to cook. We don’t have to use the skins to keep warm. We are advanced. We don’t have to see God and His provision. We don’t have to believe and know that the mediator between man and our Creator, is Jesus.

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