His Relentless Attack

Yesterday was a true blessing.

A loved one and I have been in the process of rekindling our relationship. It has been a lengthy process that started in a little office on the eastside of our city with a certified mediator. Linda has been a licensed therapist for nearly forty years, and she has been a huge player in the progress my loved one and I have made. I’m very thankful for her. It has been through her knowledge and advice that my loved one and I have been able to begin again.

My loved one and I had lunch for the first time in a long time yesterday. We met up at a Mexican restaurant that is actually a place where my loved one worked for several years. Before I continue, I would just like to say that I am only using ‘loved one’ in reference to the other person for anonymity purposes, but I am going to shorten it by referring to the other person as ‘Joe’ from here. So, Joe worked at the restaurant for several years. It was nice to see Joe run into a few employees whom Joe had worked with many years ago. They spoke for a few minutes and shared some friendly small talk.

Joe and I continued over lunch talking about the present moments. I wrote a piece yesterday about the harm of living in the past instead of the present. We had previously chosen before going into our lunch appointment to not bring up things of the past. Those things that only bring in yesterday’s harmful filth. The ugly hurts that we had caused each other.

We ate our delicious lunch, had a good long talk about many pleasant things that are going on within our lives, and kept a good stronghold on our choices. There were honestly some times when Joe was a challenge for me, but I showed Joe grace. It was a promise I had made to both of us before going into the day. Joe is currently in the midst of a divorce, and it is still very fresh. I didn’t want to cause more harm than I already have throughout the last several years, so I took a step back when something struck a nerve.

God is so good! We left the restaurant, talked in the parking lot for a few minutes, prayed together, shared some smiles and made plans to meet up again soon. That is quite a breakthrough. It has been a long time since any of this has happened between Joe and I. God has made it possible, and our choices made it easy. The rendezvous with Joe made my day.

I ran into two WWII vets as I stopped to use the restroom at a fast-food restaurant. I saw two elderly men sitting at a table. One had a WWII veteran hat on. Yesterday was Veteran’s Day, so I respectfully shook their hands and thanked them for their service. WWII is something that I happen to know a lot about, and it has intrigued me since I was a young man. I cannot imagine what those two men have witnessed. Thank God for their bravery.

I continued the day by doing something that I do often; feed the drifters and homeless. I ran into a man from Spain. He was cutting through the downtown area of our city with a huge backpack on. I pulled up alongside him to hand him a meal while saying a few words. He just shook his head and had a puzzled look on his face. After short dialogue and some broken English coming from his side, we understood enough. He said that he wasn’t looking for a handout, but he was looking to get to a campsite several miles from where we were. He was going to catch a bus, but the bus didn’t run across the river. I offered him a ride, and he reluctantly agreed.

It was interesting listening to him talk about his home. He told me about how the people in his country are risking a lot by simply flying their flags, how he is a police officer there and he was forced to take his mandatory time-off for two months. He decided to come to America and backpack cross-country. He was clean-cut and well-mannered. It seemed as if he was being honest.

We reached the park and he was very thankful. I gave him some food and a few items anyway. I also left him with a seed; His Word. He was truly a very cool experience and a man I won’t forget.

I ran into a homeless man after coming back across the bridge. We also talked for a short time about the Lord. He had a colostomy bag hanging from his stomach and he said that someone had stolen his “cancer supplies.” He was upset that someone would do such a thing. We parted and wished each other well.

I then drove to my long-time buddy’s house. He is barely making it himself. He lost his wife several years ago, and I truly believe it made him into a different man all together. I stop by and see him when I can. I helped him set up a television he had gotten from a friend. We talked for a bit, and it was simply good to gab with him for a short while.

I returned home. It is about a half-hour drive from the city to where we live.

I had sat down to watch a movie. I was thinking about all of the good things that had transpired throughout the day. I picked a foreign film that quickly turned into nudity, sex and violence. I was only a few minutes into the film when I ended it.

It was that one event that had me thinking about how the devil hates the man who pushes to have a relationship with the Lord. The introduction of the nudity, sex and violence in the movie that I had no idea would be within the content started the thoughts in my mind which led to places I did not want to go. I was able to diffuse the thoughts quickly, but just the introduction had me somewhere that I have not wanted to go back to. Those places of the past where sin and lust is a destructive playground. It truly sucked to have such a beautiful day with an end result of the devil’s “one-up.”

There is always a temptation lurking around every corner. There is also an opportunity to flee from the temptation…

The temptations in your life are no different from what others experience. And God is faithful. He will not allow the temptation to be more than you can stand. When you are tempted, he will show you a way out so that you can endure. – 1 Corinthians 10:13 (NLT)

I was able to feed the fruits of the Spirit with the choices I had made throughout the day. It was a wonderful day filled with joy, peace and His grace. It was truly a good day. The ending was not great, and the visuals danced in my head for a short time. What we choose to feed ourselves is what we will become. I truly know and believe that from past experiences. Even though the devil came, I still had victory. I realize that my flesh is just that; flesh. It is weak at times. But, the victory is the forgiveness I have received. The victory is the realization of being a new creation. The victory is the knowing of how these things within the movie now grieve me. It is the victory when I realize how my actions either please Holy Spirit, or grieve Him. It is the victorious moments that stomp all over the relentless attacks of the nasty devil!

I pray that each one of you can use the bad times and learn from them. I pray that each one of you can find His blessings in each coming day. It is a terrible world full of darkness, but we can be His light through our choices.

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