The Atrocities Of Our Pride

Something really spoke to me this morning. I thought I would take a few minutes to write about something that I find within myself, and maybe you do too? That nasty thing that God hates; Pride.

It may be a little harsh to say that God hates pride. I’m only going there because it’s evident that He most certainly wasn’t okay with it when He booted Lucifer out. As a result of the rejection, we now possess that sinful attribute of ego-driven pride. What a disaster that becomes for some of us, whether we realize, acknowledge it or care. We are all right there with Satan when it comes to possessing pride. Our fallen nature is a malady without cure, and pride is weaved within.

So since we have it, what do we do with it?

I’ll be the first to tell you that mine has been a very big problem for many years. All of those things of the past had made me into a hardened man whose pride was one of the few things I was proud of. Truthfully, in many ways I was forced to take care of myself. Also, when you don’t have a father while growing who cares to show you the world and the good things that it contains, you may try to teach yourself what you lack. That’s what I did anyway. From a pretty early age my lack of a good support system, at crucial times of development, formed a pretty deep-rooted drive to cut my own path. I had to survive and there were just certain things I could not talk to my mother about. I also saw all of these other young guys around me developing with influence from male role models. I had one; my grandfather. His influence was limited and he died when I was twenty-one. Needless to say the chip on my shoulder was getting pretty big by that time.

In my writing, Do Not Sound Trumpets To Be Seen, you’ll find much to say about my arrogance and how I didn’t care to acknowledge it. I was very proud. If you had told me that God wasn’t very happy with that way of being, I would probably have said some pretty blasphemous stuff. It wouldn’t have made any difference. I once told a man years ago that I’m the one driving the bus to hell with all of the other sinners. Pretty prideful, huh? All talk of the past aside, I truly had a run-in with a very real God, and it was through that experience my relationship with Jesus Christ convicted me of the many sins which kept me in the intensely tightened grips of the fallen one. Pride began to be observed within myself in His radiant light for the first time.

I’ve had my share of wrestling with the sinful quality. It has pressed its way through even the most intense experiences of love and joy. That feeling of being better than someone. The ego-stricken high-five I have given myself for accomplishing a difficult task, winning place over someone else. Giving glory to myself, instead of glorifying the power of the Lord in me. That front in which some put on for others, painted with the glory of God, and knowing that through their works they are only deceiving themselves. Only lying. Stroking their own egos. You probably know one?

I’m not saying that everyone should be under a microscope and picked apart when a faint indication of pride is recognized. We all have our pride. Although, I do believe we should observe our motives. If we are to become more like Christ, then we should check ourselves.

Pride not only harms others, but it harms us. It builds within. It can become an idol. A little god of our own. We could begin to develop a power within through that sinful attribute, one which has no need for our Lord. We already know what He thinks about that!

The following is for inspiration. Have a blessed one!

2 thoughts on “The Atrocities Of Our Pride

  1. I hate my pride too! “Pride comes before a fall” is what I always think about pride. That has been so true in my life too. Whenever I fell, pride was always there right before it! May the Lord deliver us from pride and fill us with humble hearts of love and compassion, amen! God bless brother!

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