A Not-So-Thankful Thanksgiving

Today, millions of families across the nation will come together to celebrate Thanksgiving. It is a time to be thankful for what we have. We are really and truly coming together to give thanks for what God has provided. Within that “coming together to give thanks,” many families will be cliquey, obliquely rude and not thankful at all. The gathering of family for many opens a Pandora’s box at a time which should be reserved for thankfulness. The appreciation for what God has provided is smothered by the emotions of the blended family. In-laws, blood relatives, acquaintances and even strangers at gatherings today will not be giving thanks.

I had once attended a gathering which had me thinking about what certain individuals may have been thinking. For instance, what was the person thinking when they purposely could not make eye contact? What was the person thinking when they made every effort to keep their back towards me? Were the fake laughs noticed? Are some so nervous in certain circles that they do these little things in order to cope? Perhaps some are just not good with conversing? It is different for all of us in these times of coming together. Old memories, past disagreements, formed opinions, arrogance, nervousness, bad manners or jealousy. Being thrown into circles is sometimes difficult, and many times our druthers negate our thankfulness.

Today, if you are in an unwanted circle, I challenge you to remain thankful and kind. I challenge you to let those negative emotions go. It will be hard for many. It will be hard for me.

As we go about the day of giving thanks, first and foremost to our loving God, may we all call upon Him when things become difficult within our circles. When we cannot, He can. It’s going to be difficult for many to allow Holy Spirit to push through the flesh during this day, but may we remember that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. Also, may we count our blessings today. Many have nowhere to go and no family to be thankful for. Maybe this Thanksgiving we can be a little more thankful? A bit more giving? More like Him?

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