The Miserable Consequence

Turkey, ham, dressing, corn casserole, hash brown casserole, green bean casserole, turkey and dumplings, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, rolls, pie, many desserts of numerous kinds, washed down with a bit of wine and water. Picking through the sweets as I walk around the dishes that our family had brought, after I had already stuffed myself to the brim!


The Thanksgiving holiday is usually accompanied by the miserable consequences of the choices I had made to overindulge in delicious food. Gorged! Indigestion and heartburn usually creep up within a short period of time while the food coma slowly takes me into dreamland on a nearby sofa or recliner.

Is it worth it? I suppose it is at the time? Maybe?

For me, the following day is usually worse. I feel sluggish; dragging myself along throughout the whole day. The diet is something that I have tried to watch throughout the last several years. Gorging myself with fatty and sugary foods is usually not part of my daily intake. I suppose the food part of Thanksgiving, year after year it seems, is not very beneficial? The bad thing is myself and my family usually have to do this two or three times throughout the extended weekend! We attend the other Thanksgiving get-togethers of our large family. One bad choice, followed by many others, leaves the body in bad shape throughout the holiday period.

“One bad choice after another.” It has been a pattern for myself throughout my life. It starts with that first thought, or, that first plate of food. It is followed-up with the next thought. Those thoughts became choices, and the choice was set into action. The action had its consequence. How tempted I have been throughout the last two days with food. I love food, especially when it is something I normally do not place within reach. I gave into my love for it and I’m now paying the price! Like the food, I normally choose to stay away from other harmful things that I know will bring temptation. Those “things” are many. Throughout the years of the past, my void was filled by several things which had great control over me. For instance, my marijuana addiction was, and could still very well be a tough one. I still get caught up in the thoughts of the days of old. I thoroughly enjoyed those days. Another is the habit of cutting others down with insults. These two examples are what I would consider to be strong temptations. I purposely avoid people who could bring on the temptations of indulging in these old destructive vices. The flesh would sadly gain a bit of control within the environments of the old habits, so I stay away from them.

Let’s be honest. We all have those temptations. We all struggle with things that have subtle, major or chronic consequences. Those consequences may be directly or indirectly affecting us or others. They may take time to take their toll, or they may be immediate. There are things within this fallen flesh that are overlooked, not being dealt with and ruining our lives. Sinful ways and unhealthy choices which lead to the opposite of His will. Our will is always lurking at the heels of His.

Are you perfect? If you are, congratulations! Just you and Jesus! That is quite an accomplishment! Sadly, many Christians are spreading their lies throughout the world and saying that they are walking with Jesus, when in reality they are sinning daily. The blinders are covering the little sins that everyone in the world commits. They gorge themselves with the lie of being so religious that they cannot sin. They get lost within the pride of perfection, never realizing that the pride is a terrible sin within itself.

Many children of God have stuffed themselves this past holiday. Gluttony is a sin, but it was recently okay? It’s okay during the fellowship potlucks? It’s okay during the after church gathering at the buffet?

What we do in the world after being saved by the precious blood of Jesus will definitely have its consequences. But remember, GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY SON, AND WHOSOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM SHALL NOT PERISH BUT HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE!

If you gorge yourself with the wrong things, there will be consequences. The Lord will stand by us even when we fail. He may have a path that we could not see within our stupid choice, but He will provide it in His time and way. In Romans 6:23 we read, “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our LORD.” It is pretty clear.

Did our Lord die in vain?

Follow His ways. Learn from His Holy Spirit. Make a habit of indulging in His Word. Become a close friend, a brother or sister, to the One who saved you from the penalty of sin, and the One willing to deliver you from the evil that we all live with. Practice, and be filled with Him so there is no room for temptation! It is my prayer today that all of His children realize that our stupid decisions are covered by His blood, and the consequences come to teach us. That He longs for us to be more like Him. He loves His children and knows what is best for them. He wants us all to stop sinning because it always leads to destruction.


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