The man or woman with a smile that can light up a room, instantly putting a smile on everyone who is within sight of it. That person who always has a witty joke to share. The guy who goes into the soup kitchen on Saturday to help feed the homeless. A woman whose life revolves around making sure her children have everything they need in order to feel complete. The man who spends his time on the corner waving a flag while his patient dog sits nearby. A little girl who cries every morning because she doesn’t want to go to school. The little boy who wakes to find his father watching the naked people on the computer.

We are alive. We are full of so much. Emotions. Worry. Happiness. Sorrow. Hate. Love. We are full of ways that get us through our day. Nicotine. Caffeine. Prescription meds. Illegal substances. The Lord. Filth. We are all thrown together in a world that is slowly decaying, while our bodies do the same. We all breathe in the polluted air and eat the polluted food. We swallow it all down with a chase of polluted water. We consume the tainted information. We swim in the evil. We all carry ourselves through the dark as we search for that hint of light. That inner-void is filled with the ten thousand things. We all take our picks.

There are physically strong people who strut around with the ego held high. There are those who wear their hearts on their sleeve. There is a soldier somewhere who cries himself to sleep. There is a woman who can take care of herself and four kids without a man.

That guy who is in love with his physique. That one with the ego held high. He cries over spilled milk. He throws a fit over the man who gave him the wrong change. He hates himself. Behind closed doors, he cuts his upper thigh. He uses that pain to be relieved of the pain within. He never let go of the father who once abused him as a child.

That guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s genuine. Kind. He does well. A balanced man.

That woman with the four children. She is scorned. Fed up with her ex. Tired of men who promise and don’t deliver. Scared to introduce her kids to a new face. Not trusting of the unknowns. She can’t go an hour with a guy without curling her lip in disdain.

Who are you? Do you know?

Behind every face is a story. Behind every word is a thought. Behind every door is a life. Behind what we present is a multi-faceted collection of the ten thousand things.

In my personal journey, I look at the places I have been, what I have learned, what I have failed to learn, where it took me, the people I’ve met, the emotions I’ve experienced, etc. You know, the ten thousand things? I’m not you. You’re not me. Within the journey, I’ve concluded that hope has to be placed in something. The great race that we all are running has a void at the end of the day. We all fill it with something.

My hope, my rock in which I build upon, my shield from the storm, my fill for the void, my purpose, my solution, my first in the ten thousand things, is Jesus. He Is. Do you know Him? Is it truly well with you in the race we call life?

The more I read the Bible, the more His Holy Spirit speaks. The more I see just what Jesus was saying to the world. He is Who He says He is; God made flesh. In my eyes; these eyes that have seen the failing world and the failures within which brought me to many dead-ends, many loose-ends that were never secured to anything stable, I see the answer. I see God. I see the Creator caring for the broken. I see The Father caring for His children. Jesus is the answer. The more I grow in Him, the clearer the vision. I cannot emphasize Him enough!

My prayer today is that your day begins and ends with Jesus. I pray that your hope is in Him. I pray that within your ten thousand things, He is first. I pray that each one of us can become what He intended. In a dying world and the death spreading within, we can have life through Him.

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