Stop Watching The Clock

The waiting game.

So often we await. I’m currently waiting for a person to change. They refuse to take the steps needed to improve. I really love this person.

Today, I have to set the necessary boundaries with this person. I’ve prayed about it, meditated on the ways to go about it, and I fully trust that the Lord will fix the mess.

If you read this, and if you pray in the name of Jesus, please say a prayer for a dear loved one and I today. 

It is sometimes hard to accept the choices that others make. It is sometimes hard to accept the choices we have to make for ourselves. Through it all, we should remain in Him. That’s the goal. That’s what keeps us at peace. He is who holds us up in times of weakness.

The following is for inspiration. Trust in Him.

8 thoughts on “Stop Watching The Clock

  1. Damon,
    Don’t lose heart. You cannot change anyone that doesn’t want to change or maybe they don’t see where they need to make a change. The best thing to do: Give it to God !!! We are only people that stay in the shadows, on our knees, praying for miracles. Never cease in praying and don’t give up. Miracles still happen everyday. Let God’s will be done, not our own.

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