The Lies We Tell

Sometimes I sit and wonder if I am okay with the lies that I tell myself. Am I okay with being unhealthy after my doctor tells me that my diet is destroying me? Am I okay with the little sin that I continue to give in to? Am I seriously okay with the people who continue to hurt me? Am I okay with the complacency? The self-justification? The results of my actions?

I spend a lot of time in prayer for good reason. If I fail to do so, I tend to fade into the world. The world; a place which comforts the lies. The place where lies are accepted. How often do we convince ourselves that our own lies are just fine because the world says they are? Think about your personal decisions. Are you being truthful with yourself?

Swept under the rug. “No one saw it, so it’s not a lie.” If we can just make it look good on the surface, then we can justify our decision. We can walk away feeling confident in our lie. “Yeah, I can get away with this.” Those things that one may do to dodge honesty, whether it be with themselves or others, has its consequences. Our Lord sees everything. Sooner or later, He will correct those stupid little lies we’ve carried out.

Being honest with ourselves and others opens up so much opportunity to grow in fruitful ways. Knowing what the Lord wants by knowing Him, guides the steps. Is anyone perfect? No. Honestly, we as His know that we should be keeping ourselves in check in order to be Christlike. Did He lie? Why would we call Him our King if we do not respect His authority? That is a huge lie that we can convince ourselves of being acceptable. We can follow the flawed men, ourselves and the world into damning lies, or we can follow Him into truth. Jesus said, “follow me.” Do we? Are we as individuals filtering everything; others, ourselves and the world in which we live, through Him? Or, are we filtering it all through something else?

Are you okay within your lie?




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